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June 15, 2012

Garrett agrees Stephen McGee had an up-and-down minicamp, but says he still made strides

Stephen McGee got extra work all week during the minicamp because Kyle Orton sat with a hamstring injury.

But McGee did not make the most of his chance. He had an inconsistent week, and Thursday’s final practice of the minicamp was an example.

He had a tough time in red zone and goal line 11-on-11 situations. He was pressured. He threw away three balls. And he couldn’t find the touch on deep balls to the corner. One out pass to the end zone was too high to catch.

But he avoided resorting to simply running when pressure came. He stopped one scramble at the line of scrimmage and found receiver Cole Beasley going to the sideline. He also showed good touch on mid-range throws to the middle of the field for Andre Holmes.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett agreed McGee was inconsistent, but cautioned that McGee doesn’t get the benefit of playing with the first-team offense.

“One of the challenges that a backup quarterback has when he goes in is that there are a lot of young players playing,” Garrett said. “We’re putting a lot of things on their plate as an offense. The defense has challenged us a lot of ways. And a lot of times, mistakes are made around you . And you have to process what happened and still make great decisions. You can’t let their mistakes become your mistakes.”

This is an important camp for McGee. He was passed over for the No. 2 backup spot with the signing of Kyle Orton, which he said he understood. But the Cowboys have also brought in Rudy Carpenter to compete for the No. 3 spot.

“I think Stephen did a good job handling some of the different things that didn’t go quite so well for him, and he made the right decision with the ball and handled the situation well,” Garrett said. “So those were big strides for him.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Jerry is as good at picking qbs that can win Super Bowls as he is at identifying General Managers that can build good playoff teams. At least since he picked, and lost, Jimmy Johnson.

No disrespect to Stephen McGee. But he can't play in the NFL..plain and simple. Three years here and he hasn't improved one bit. Jerry knows this, the DFW media knows this, and most of the fans know this. I've stated before..in my eyes..McGee was a favor draft pick by Jerry for Mike Sherman. All that being said...here's hoping McGee makes the team for one more year at least. Let the kid make a little more money before Jerry kicks him to the curb.

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