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June 01, 2012

Garrett expects Tyron Smith to develop at left tackle like he did at right tackle

The Cowboys got what they expected last year when they put their No. 1 pick, Tyron Smith, at right tackle and let him go.

He learned, got better and survived.

Now they expect the same thing this year when they move him to left tackle.

That he’ll learn, get better and survive.

“If you remember, Tyron last year was a Minute 1 starter for us when we started training camp, a young kid, 20 years old at the time, no offseason and stepped in and just said, ‘OK, I’ll fight my way through these mistakes. I understand what’s going on. I can play at the level they need me to play at.’ And he got better and better every day. We expect him to take the same approach when he moves over to the left side.”

Smith started every game at right tackle last year after being taken with the ninth pick out of USC. He was so young last year, he’s still the youngest player on the team this year – including this year’s draft class.

But he’s mature mentally, which is one thing the Cowboys liked when they evaluated him.

“He’s a pretty serious-minded guy,” Garrett said. “There’s no question about that. One of the things that we felt like we knew about him when we drafted him was he was tough. He was tough physically, and he was tough mentally, and he was willing to work. That was every report we got from the people at USC. We’ve been given no indication that the report from college is any different from what we’ve seen. He’s been that way since Day 1.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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ralph...That was too funny!...lol. And...kill_vick_666...To the both of you guys..My comment was more of an indictment of Doug Free. Tyron Smith will be a Pro Bowl player either this season or the next. Possible All-Pro by year four. This kid has the talent to play multiple positions with great success. Can either of you guys say the same thing about Free? I thought so. Free was a right tackle who was moved to left tackle. He had success ONE year there. Jerry gave him his money with a big contract and he was average at best last season. Frankly..I don't believe Doug Free is worth the money, he along with a few others on that team, deserves to be paid. JMO....

Glenn Guillory dosent really have any value in his comments. He flip flops more thana fish out of water. Hes got a woody for Jerry.

Not you have to articles was so good, later to focus on.

@Glenn .....it's your old friend kill_vick_666 coming at you again. You bash Doug Free and then question Jerry Jones as to why the cowboys moved Smith ...you hypocritical

I expect Tyron Smith to turn into a very good offensive left tackle. But it begs my question..Why does Jerry use high draft picks on guys who played one position in college and almost immediately put them in a position they are not comfortable with. With the struggles this team has already experienced the last few years one would think Jerry would draft guys who played the position in college that we are struggling with now. In other words..just draft a guy already playing the position in college you need him at. Seems pretty easy to me. We don't have the time to develope high draft choices. These guys should be ready to go from day one!!

A bright spot in the Cowboy's drafting.

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