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June 12, 2012

Jerry Jones talks about what he said and didn't say to Mike Jenkins

Owner Jerry Jones said he had a chance to talk to cornerback Mike Jenkins before the start of Tuesday’s minicamp practice and that he didn’t sense that Jenkins was upset.

“No, I didn’t see that at all,” Jones said. “We had a good visit. I visited with him for a little bit, and there was none of that at all. As a matter of fact, I talked a lot about our coming year and how we’ve really bolstered up our secondary and how being a part of that can be something special. It was a very cordial conversation.”

Jones said there was no talk of Jenkins’ trade demand.

“I don’t really know that. I didn’t hear that. I didn’t talk to his agent about that. There’s no need to talk about that,” Jones said. “We’ve got a great situation here, and we’re going to be really able to maximize the use of the talent we got here at cornerback.”

Asked if he gave Jenkins a pep talk, Jones said, “No. We just discussed the team and the prospect of how great it’s going to be to have him working with these other corners. And our talent back there could really make our defense special. There was no talk about contract or expression of animosity or anything like that.”

So, what did they talk about?

“I didn’t see anything other than talking about this year’s team,” Jones said. “I asked him how he was feeling, what he weighed and that type of thing. No issue regarding my conversation with him regarding his status.”

Jenkins was the only player who didn’t appear at Valley Ranch during the voluntary part of the offseason. He spent the spring in Florida recovering from shoulder surgery. He declined interviews Tuesday.

Jones has no fear Jenkins will not compete at his best once he’s healthy.

“I’ve never seen Mike Jenkins not compete. I have not,” Jones said. “He’s a guy that’s a competitor. All the incentives are here for him to come in and have a big year. There is no rationale to have at all not to have a big year. He needs to get well and rehab, but he’s aligned right with everything that I’m aligned with and the Cowboys are aligned with: get in here, have a big year, play with a great bunch, this secondary, his corners, distinguish themselves.

“I told him about how our rotation in the years we won our first Super Bowls, how the defensive line rotation set a standard, similar to what you talk about the New York rotation. I see him joining in with our other corners with the depth we’ve got and doing something relative to our corners, could do something special and enhance his career and everyone smile.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Lets go Jenks get it done.

Jerry vs Jenkins..!! Time will tell...JMO........

I guess not tackling has nothing to do with competing. You think the old-time cowboys--Charlie Waters and Lilly would tolerate someone that wouldn't tackle. Yeah, I am sure they would say he competes.

Mike Jenkins isn't good enough to make any demands or try to dictate how much playing time he will get. Add to that, he might be the softest player in the NFL.

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