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June 27, 2012

Nose tackle Josh Brent says constant adjustments slowed Cowboys defense last year, but it will be polished this year

After the way last year ended, nose tackle Josh Brent is ready for his third pro season to begin. He finished 2011 on injured reserve with a knee injury suffered on Thanksgiving Day.

It was a tough end to a tough year for him and some of the other Cowboys defenders, who spent much of the season trying to play catch up with new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

“It was so much on the go, on the fly, with team adjustments,” Brent said after an OTA practice in May.

The former seventh-round supplemental pick out of Illinois played in only five games last year. But he said his offseason knee rehab went well, and he didn’t miss a snap of the OTAs or minicamp.

“I flowed right back into everything as far as training, getting back into lifting, running,” he said. “Fell right back into OTAs. Didn’t have to take any time off. Everything was on track and on pace, and I was able to participate.”

The offseason practice will pay off this year for everyone, he said. Brent believes when everyone is more sure of what they are doing on a given play, everyone will be better – including him.

“When we get to the season, we won’t have the miscommunication we had last year,” Brent said. “Offenses get rolling, fastballing, you can’t get the call in every single time. So a lot of times, the backers and safeties have to make the call and adjust the formation and those types of things. Having these OTAs and getting in these situations, getting them studied now and out of the way, by the time we get to the season, they’ll be polished and we won’t have these miscommunications.”

But Brent said he is not assuming anything. Especially about himself.

“I just want to be able to play a role here in this defense,” he said. “First and foremost is to make the team. Make the team, try to create a role for myself on the team somehow, some way.”

Brent said he likes the way the Cowboys defensive line is shaping up. He was impressed by third-round pick Tyrone Crawford and undrafted rookie Ben Bass at defensive end.

“We’ve added, with the two young guys, a little bit of diversity,” he said. “They’re young, youthful, rush the quarterback pretty well. Haven’t really gotten to see Tyrone too much, but obviously, the Cowboys drafted him, so he can play ball. Bass played well in the run game, looked great in the pass game. I think they both fit in perfectly.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Det meste av det du påpeker er utrolig legitim og det gjør meg lurer på hvorfor jeg ikke hadde sett på dette med dette lyset tidligere. Artikkelen din virkelig gjorde slå på lyset for meg personlig så langt som dette spesifikke emnet går. Men på dette tidspunktet er det faktisk en spesiell posisjon jeg ikke er altfor komfortabel med, og mens jeg prøver å forsone at med kjernen tema av stillingen, la meg se akkurat hva hele resten av leserne har å say.Nicely gjort.

You two are funny. Can't remember all your online passwords, personal account information and your wife's birthday but say "these" guys are just making excuses?

Look...Football is more complex than you'd imagine. Ever hear an offensive play-call? Both teams have highly paid, highly trained, skilled athletes. I love how fans just think winning is easy. It's not. And a whole host of things go into winning and losing, not excluding officiating, health and just plain luck.

Of course supporters just want Dallas to win and win big! Doesn't mean you have to go around knocking their "integrity" when they don't.

bon poste, je vous remercie pour le partage!

Just ANOTHER excuse. Sounds a lot like Jaharry and the rest of the team. Rob has never been a winning DC on any team and he will never be a winner with the cows. As long as Jaharry is the GM, REAL HC, DC OC and chief sock counter?Jock sniffer this team will always be a 5 to 9 game winner. Oh they will luck into a one and done playoff every several years, but that's it.

Brent's comments sounds like yet another player who wasn't used to be beinbg pushed by the defensive coordinator. In other words..another excuse. Where have we heard this before. Brent..you and the rest of that defense needs to get off your rear ends..learn what Rob is trying to teach you..and..play ball!!

I would rather have #92 Josh Brent in there than Jay Ratt who wore down at the end of games and at the end of the season

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