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June 07, 2012

Rob Ryan says Mike Jenkins is going to get a look at slot corner, and all four CBs will be 'all over the place'

Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan said he’s going to try Mike Jenkins in the slot.

“He’s got a whole new world to learn there,” Ryan said after an OTA session Wednesday at Valley Ranch. “We’re going to move him in there to compete. He’s going to be all over the place like all these other defensive backs.”

Jenkins, who did not make any of the OTA practices, is expected to be at the Cowboys’ mandatory mini-camp next week. The team will practice Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, their last action before training camp.

Ryan said Jenkins, an outside corner, will have no trouble working inside.

“Mike is a very talented kid, a smart kid,” Ryan said. “He has the talent and the ability to do it.”

Ryan did not indicate if it is a temporary move or a long-term plan, but the Cowboys are trying to figure out a way to use their four cornerbacks, Jenkins, Brandon Carr, Morris Claiborne and Orlando Scandrick.

Ryan said all four will be able to play different spots under secondary coach Jerome Henderson.

“Jerome trains them that way, so they can move all over the place,” Ryan said. “A comfort level we never had last year.”

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That long hair hippy beer belly persona will get you only so far Ryan so I agree the honeymoon is over.

I am still trying to figure out why is he going to play Jenkins, when Jenkins has made it perfectly clear that he doesn't want to be here? If someone on my team point blank told me to trade them because they don't want to be here, and the idiot owner says you got to keep him, then why play him?? He won't play up to his full potential. He doesn't respect Ryan or Jones. So what is the point of even trying to play him? I would've traded him in a heart beat to get someone else that is better than he is.


Jack, you certainly put fans in their place. Pls stay in your isolation booth

Wow! All you "experts" demanding a top-10 defense out of a second year coordinator, especially after not having an off-season last year, must be geniuses or something....

Never mind the high numbers of rookies and free agents coming in.

Never mind the corrupt union rules which severely limit learning sessions in the off-season.

Hey, you guys who contribute nothing to the team, financiallly or otherwise, and watch the games for free, sitting at home, guzzling Bud Ice, are free to coronate yourselves as rulers of "Cowboys World" and can make all of the decisions.

Time for Rob Ryan to put up or shut up. At bare minimum we should expect nothing less than a top ten defense.

Sounds good Rob Ryan. Because the honeymoon is over. You are one of the best, or so you say. No excuses this year about not having time to work with the defense and getting acquainted. it is put-up or shut-up time. lets see a top 10 defense this year...preferably top 5 considering how great you say you are. Either way, your honeymoon is over in Dallas.

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