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July 16, 2012

Anthony Spencer will play in 2012 on franchise deal as expected, there will be no long-term deal with the Cowboys

While teams across the league are playing beat the clock with long-term deals for their franchise players, there is no such game going with the Cowboys and linebacker Anthony Spencer.

Spencer will play 2012 under franchise tag number $8.8 million as the deadline of 3 p.m. today to sign him to a long-term deal will come and go.

That has been the Cowboys' intention all along and they never had meaningful contract talks with him or his representative about an extention.

Because of the collective-bargaining agreement Spencer won't be able to sign a new deal with Cowboys until after the season if at all.

Clarence Hill 




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We have a roster full of heartless, post office clerking, check cashers. Spencer is the president of them.

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Well, here's your best opportunity Spenser. Either play lights out and earn a new contract with more money or slack of and get your sorry tail out of town. Personally if I had been JJ I'd have cut you along with Newman.

Even if Spare-cer were to give 100% in 2012, he's a mediocre talent. In 4 years he's made about 4 or 5 big plays. That is more indicative of his skill set than his effort.

And that doesn't mean I am defending his effort. I don't.

average talent + low effort = biggest waste of $8.8 mill in NFL history

Spencer has $8.8 million reasons to play football this season and this season only. Now we'll see if this slacker really wants to play football. Me? I think he doesn't. Why else would he come right out and admit he takes plays off. Jerry should just let this slacker walk after the season.

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