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July 26, 2012

Beasley says Welker is his favorite player, but doesn’t like the cliché comparison

Cowboys diminutive receiver Cole Beasley caused a stir recently when he said he didn’t like to be compared to Patriots receiver Wes Welker.

Welker is the poster boy for small, white receivers trying to overcome stereotypical odds for success in the NFL.

Beasley, 5-foot-8, 174 pounds, understands as much and says Welker was one his favorite players growing up.

But he doesn’t like the cliché comparison just because of his stature and racial makeup.

“Every small receiver gets compared to him,” Beasley said. “Even if my game was different they would compare me to him. Compare me if you mean it. That guy is a monster. I have been watching him for years. But it doesn’t mean much if you compare everybody to him.”

Beasley, an undrafted rookie free agent from SMU, says the biggest difference between him and Welker is they can play on the outside as well as in the slot.

He showed that a little on Thursday when he ran by cornerback Teddy Williams, a former NCAA sprint champion, to catch a deep ball from quarterback Kyle Orton.

“It’s just knowing how to run routes,” Beasley said. “I had a stutter move, making him think I was running a 12-yard yard. It made him stop his feet. If anybody stops their feet, no matter how fast they are, you can run buy them.”

It was one of several plays Beasley made in practice.  He knows it’s something he is going to have to continue do when the Cowboys begin the full squad training camp in Oxnard on Monday.

He knows he can’t have a day off and can’t show weakness.

“My receiver coach in college told me I got to do more than everybody,” Beasley said. “I was mad at myself when started throwing up a little. I cant show no weakness out there. They will look for any excuse to get me out of here cause I m not the prototypical height. I just go to push and work harder than anybody out there.”

Beasley said its something he had to deal with going to back to high school and even in college at SMU. He uses the slights about height and stature as motivation to work harder.

"I have been doubted since high school since I started varsity at quarterback as a freshman," Beasley said. "Then coming into college nobody thought I was going to make it. We got a new coach he didn’t know I was on scholarship when they got there. I fought in practice and earned my way. I have always been motivated."


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