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July 31, 2012

Carr excited to be in Dallas, mentor Claiborne, make plays

Cornerback Brandon Carr has no major purchases planned now that he’s signed a five-year, $50.1 million deal that makes him a player the Cowboys are counting on for shut-down coverage on a down-to-down basis. He described himself as “a low-key person” who likes to save his money and hang around friends and family members.

But he knows what will be expected of him as he operates on an island in defensive coordinator Rob Ryan’s blitz-happy defense.

“A good press corner starts with having confidence in yourself. There’s going to be times where you get beat but you’ve got to come back, battle and have the confidence that you’ll make more plays than you give up,” Carr said. “Just play your game and be physical with receivers.”

Carr, who spent the last four seasons in Kansas City, clearly has that confidence. He has started all 64 games in his NFL career, making 265 tackles with eight interceptions. Asked to identify the best press corners in the NFL, he responded: “Can I name myself?”

After a pause, he went on to cite the NY Jets Darrelle Revis, Philadelphia’s Nnamdi Asomugha and Denver’s Champ Bailey.

“Those were the guys I grew up studying as I came into the NFL. I still study those guys and take bits and pieces of their game into my game.”

Although he played at in college at Grand Valley State, Carr grew up as a Cowboys’ fan and quickly identified Dallas as a place where he wanted to play in Ryan’s pressure scheme.

“I play for the Cowboys, the team I grew up idolizing … This has always been the team I wanted to play for,” Carr said. “An opportunity presented itself. Everything matched up as far as playing a scheme where our front seven can get to the quarterback and make my job in the backfield that much easier.”

Carr said he welcomes the opportunity to mentor rookie cornerback Morris Claiborne, who projects to start at the opposite corner.

“He’s eager to learn. He’s upbeat. He competed very well (in Monday’s opening practice,” Carr said. “He missed some plays but at the same time, he came back and made plays.”

 _ Jimmy Burch


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