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July 31, 2012

Cowboys back Jerry in plans to kick Giants' @#$%

Dallas Cowboys players backed owner Jerry Jones comment to fans from the opening ceremony of training champ, when he urged fans to “watch us beat the Giants’ asses” when the teams meet in Arlington (Oct. 28). The teams also open the season Sept. 5 in New York and neither Jones, nor his players, have written off that game, either.

Asked about Jones’ comment after today’s morning practice, lineback Victor Butler said: ““What’s he supposed to say? He’s got a lot of pride in this team. I’m behind him 100 percent.”

So is cornerback Brandon Carr, a free-agent signee who played for Kansas City last season.

“That’s what he said? I like it,” Carr said, when told of Jones’ comment about the Giants. “I’m right with him. We all feel the same way. You’ve got to go into each game thinking you’re going to dominate the opposing team.”

Would the late Lamar Hunt, the former Chiefs’ owner, have said the same thing?

“He probably would,” Carr said. “I would have backed him, too.”

_ Jimmy Burch



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