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July 16, 2012

Dez Bryant arrested on charge of misdemeanor family violence assault, ends quiet offseason

By Clarence E. Hill Jr.

A promisingly quiet off-season ended Monday for Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant, as multiple sources confirmed he was arrested by DeSoto police on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge.

The incident occurred Saturday when police responded to a family violence call in the 800 block of East Pleasant Run, according to reports. Bryant was charged with a Class A misdemeanor for assaulting a female family member. Her injuries did not require hospitalization.

Bryant turned himself in Monday and immediately posted bond. He was unavailable for comment.

Bryant’s attorney, Royce West, said his client turned himself in when Bryant learned there was a warrant out for his arrest and cooperated with police.

No court date has been set, and West said he likely will have more information Tuesday. A Class A misdemeanor is punishable by a fine of up to $4,000 and up to a year in jail.

Bryant could face punishment under the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

The Cowboys released a statement through spokesman Rich Dalrymple: "We are in the process of gathering information and will not have a comment at this time."

A Cowboys source said the team was concerned about the incident with Bryant. It goes without saying they are disappointed it happened so close to the start of training camp, which officially begins July 29 in Oxnard, Calif.

Bryant was involved in an altercation outside a Miami nightclub in January with members of the rapper Lil Wayne’s entourage and was detained by police but not arrested.

Since then, it’s been all about football for Bryant, who was seemingly in the midst of his first injury-free and controversy-free off-season since joining the Cowboys as a first-round pick in 2010.

The offseason of 2011 was especially troubling, with three lawsuits filed against Bryant and his being briefly banned from North Park Center Mall after an incident with security.

Owner Jerry Jones offered caution in June when asked about Bryant’s incident-free off-season up to that time, "As soon as you note that, the next morning you’ve got one." 


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Everybody needs to learn the facts before jumping to judgement. First of all, that was no traditional mother son relationship. She was 13 when she had him. He never hit her, he swung a hat in her face and grabbed her clothes. As a grown man, I'm not going to allow anyone to just hit on me. I may not hit her back, but I would hold her down until she calms down. He is still a dummy but know the whole story before you totally trash him.

Just realize that most people writing on here killing Dez were the same people yelling about Jerry passing on Randy Moss.

Too bad Dez did not kill any dogs...then Goddell would uplift him like some rehabbed saint.

To bad Dez did not lie to the FBI and have a whizanator on him....then Goddell would be on knees for Saint Vick.

Then again, Vick plays for the beagels now and now matter how many of them get arressted, the league protects them.

If I was Dez, I would have beaten her ass as well. 36 year old mother selling her body and doing crack?? hey don't beleive me, ask Jeff Ireland now with the Dolphins.

Dez and others like him must abandon these people, family or not, because they are nothing but takers and users.
Go ask a punk named Mr. Iverson, his "family" DRAINED him and he shares in the stupidity.

None of us do not know the full story and will never know, its none of our business...but SHE is no mother ..she was just a business to other people.


Oh yeah, Michael..please SHUT UP!!
I am surpsied Deiona has not said anything yet...

"Unchartered waters" Michael? Bet Troy said the same damn thing when in September 1996 when Deiona was going over the middle, opps...half way running his routes and Kevin WIlliams...at the other side and how could we forget Eric Bjornson at TE?
Again Michael, SHUT UP and go back to shining Owens cleats..you know they guy fyou befriended who disgraced our field in 2000? SHUT UP MICHAEL!

Dez isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. He is a complete idiot just like Jerry Sugardaddy Jones. He just doesn't learn. I think that he is incapable of learning. He can't learn the routes, read defenses, or catch a ball. but yet he earns millions of dollars to do what?? Hit his mom?? If I was his fiance I think that I would dump him. If he hits him mom, what do you think that he will do to you??

This isn't the first time that he has been in trouble. Even his license plates read "BAILME" So all you people that think that this kid has it all together, think again. This is just another one of Jerry's project kids.

He isn't worth the distraction that he causes. He is in the same league as Pacman Jones. At least T.O. wasn't a trouble maker, he was just a loud mouth blowhard.

I have even heard that this may make Jerry rethink T.O. At least he could learn a playbook and run routes properly.

I know Dez and his family personally. I'm from his hometown which he visits often. His mother is no award winning mother of the year. She never raised Dez! They were more like sister and brother growing up. Angela is mother is 36 Dez is 23..do the math. He is the bread winner. Dez provides everything for his family. His brother is the one who started the fight. He really is a good person. Sometimes family can bring you more harm than good.

Tough guy beat up his mother. Jerry, retardation of his type is permanent. Void the contract and release him so he can go to jail.



In the long run he's not worth the trouble. At least T O played his butt off. Robinson showed this guy up last year big time. He throws fits continuosly on the sideline and obviously can control himself anywhere.
Maybe those other teams that let him slip to the bottom half of the first round knew what they were doing.

WOW, I am completly shocked! I never thought this could happen from such a clean prospect coming out of OK State.


Seu blog é realmente muito original, não importa em todos os aspectos, pode ser descrito como imaginativo, pode dizer-nos uma boa maneira de escrevê-lo? Realmente gostei. . obrigado.

There are some guys in life who just cannot stay out of trouble. Sometimes they get arrested, other times they don't. But, they always seem to be on the verge of trouble. So far, this guy has not demonstrated that he can avoid problems. When he is around a situation that probably isnt good...he needs to learn to do the same thing that he does late in games. DISAPPEAR.

BTW- you know If he's found guilty, he's going to get suspended a least one game but wouldn't be surprised if he gets multipal up to three. Extreamly disappointed on multipal levels with this incident. Mostly, if he did strike a female.

Guys, figure it out already, it's wrong period. Besides why would you strike someone you love in the first place? I hope he gets se help.


So if this has anything to do with the upcoming season for him, then I guess we can expect a mediocre season?

Whatever! This is a most unforchanant event, as no matter the reason, he shouldn't be physically putting his hands on anyone let alone a female. Really speaks to his upbringing and poor ability to control himself. Does that have anything to with football or the upcoming season? Yes. Without the ability to control himself he will struggle with his emotions during games and practices. He's one he feels he's above it all...that's not a team attitude. Does he have rediculose talent, it's of the charts, his potential is unlimited, but he's his own worst enemy. At some point the Cowboys will need to figure out if these type of players are allowed to be in this type of trouble without consequence, if so, then this whole business of "we're looking for the right type of players" with regards to cooth and class, he a giant hole in that statement not to mention a serious hinderance in moving the team in that direction. I hope theres a solution, but if these type of incidences continue with Bryant, it might be best to simply let him go. Hate to say that, but if he can't grow up, focus on football as a profesional which like it or not includes his personal life, we don't need him.

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