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July 23, 2012

Felix Jones says Dez Bryant is 'going to keep his head up,' use arrest as motivation

Felix Jones said Dez Bryant’s arrest last week following a domestic violence call won’t slow the Cowboys receiver.

“I know Dez. He’s going to keep his head up,” Jones told reporters Monday at the Salvation Army’s Mabee Center in Fort Worth, where helped dedicate the opening of a children’s fitness center. “I’m praying for him. I know he’ll pull through.”

Bryant was arrested on a Class A misdemeanor assault charge last week in DeSoto. Police say he struck his mother. In addition to legal consequences, Bryant could face a punishment from the team, the NFL or both.

Asked if the circumstances will affect Bryant’s preparation for the season, Jones said, “Not at all. He’s going to use that as a motivation, and he’s going to keep on ticking and being the best player.”

Training camp opens for the Cowboys on Monday in Oxnard, Calif.

Jones said he’ll be ready to practice after offseason shoulder surgery that kept him out of much of the offseason work. Jones could run and participate in walk-throughs, but he couldn’t lift his arm to catch passes.

“Body’s feeling great,” he said. “I can’t wait to get into camp to show my coaches that I’m feeling good. And can’t wait to get the season going.”

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"Nothing to see here, folks. Just move it along. Move it along!"

@Cowboy Fan: The ONLY way we will ever know the truth about this story is when it comes out in court. Dez' mother has a history of filing false reports to the police. The responding officers who went to the home for the 9-1-1 call saw NO evidence of her being assaulted or any injuries from the alleged assault. 2-3 days later she show bruises on her wrists. The only way that happens is if Dez is trying to hold her hands to keep her from hitting him, not as a result of him hitting her. Yet the public opinion has already tried and convicted Dez without a shred of any proof of the allegation. I'll reserve my judgement until the Star-Telegram has the guts to actually report the TRUE story.

Right on fellow Cowboy fan. No one knows what happened so move on. Funny, how people consider Dez a bad guy but how many times did Josh Hamilton lie..LIE to his teammates??? Screw him and that badwagon squad (and their bandwagon fans).

Training camp can't get here fast enough for me..

Guess I should have previewed that last post! Sorry about the grammar! Dang! You know what I ment!

Enough Dez talk, it's his personel life, we don't know not will we ever know the whe truth, personally it's none of our damn business and that goes for every fan and media person. We as fans should focus on the games that's what's the NFL is selling.

That said....

Time for camp! Let's get in there do our work and get this season going by serving up a big sh!t burger to the Vigaints.

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