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July 13, 2012

Jason Witten says it's nice what Amani Toomer said about Tony Romo, but it's best to forget about it

Jason Witten heard what Amani Toomer said about Tony Romo last week, and he says thanks for the compliment.

But he also says Romo and everyone else better forget about it.

“It’s good to hear that for Tony, but I think for all of us, but especially Tony, you have to be able to block that out, good or bad,” Witten said Friday at a 7-on-7 high school football event at Jesuit Prep in Dallas. “Ultimately, he had a really great season last year, but at the end of the day, we didn’t make the playoffs. So we all can do more. We understand that.”

Toomer, a former Giants receiver, said on his Sirius radio show last week that statistically, Romo is the best quarterback in the NFC East, and that in terms of consistency, he’d take Romo over the Giants’ Eli Manning.

“For me, if I wanted a guy that is going to throw less interceptions, more productive, higher completion percentage, I'm going to go with Tony Romo,” Toomer said. “At crunch time, he's not as good as Eli, but every other time, he's pretty darn good.”

Romo is indeed coming off perhaps his best season, having thrown 31 touchdown passes against only 10 interceptions last year. But as he heads into his sixth full season as the Cowboys’ starter, the team is only 1-2 in the playoffs with him.

 “I think he’s an elite quarterback, and many people have said that. I think it’s great that Amani said that,” Witten said. “But at the end of the day, Eli’s a Super Bowl champ. He’s won two out of the last five years. They’re doing a lot of things right up there. They’re the poster boys of how you do it, not allowing adversity to get in the way.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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what the $%@%& have to do with football?

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This will be tony romo's breakout season, the reason I say this is because this will be romo's contract year. Tony will be on fire an will finally get that Danny White monkey off his back by bringing home the Lombardi Trophy where is rightfully belongs in Big D. Furthermore, the defense will be on the same page with the offfense & special teams. Jason Garrett wins his 1st Super Bowl in New Orleans next February, guaranteed. With the talk coming out of OTA's an mini-camp, I truly believe this season will be special, especially, when the Cowboys go up to Met Stadium an be the first team to ever upset a super bowl champ in their 1st game. GO Cowboys SuperBowl bound!!!

Don't worry about it Tony! Even if Tony wins the Super Bowl there will be the same people saying, well he won because of this and that, etc...just because the nay-sayers would be proven wrong. Don't worry Tony! These jerks are the same people making a Friday Night H.S. football game life or death; and their the same people that think Vince Young was a great QB with the Loserhorns.

Tony Romo should just play for himnself, his family and most importantly his teammates! Let the chips fall where they may...

If y'all can take off your Romo hating glasses for a second ,you'd see that Witten called Romo elite, but ALSO said he needs to forget about it because all that matters is that they missed the playoffs and haven't won a SB. You expect Witten to badmouth his QB? Shows how much y'all know about football. Stat wise, Romo is elite. He just doesn't have 'it'. And he may never have 'it', but Jerry's gonna ride him into the ground to find out.

TEAMS win championships. And teams win championships sometimes without elite QBs. Look at Dilfer, Johnson, and Roethlesberger if you doubt that.

Eleven of the last sixteen SB winners have had top 10 defenses. Those three QBs I mentioned have never won a SB without a top FIVE defense. What does that tell you about TEAM championships? Aaron Rodgers won his SB with a #4 defense. Last year his defense sucked and where did he spend SB weekend?

But Romo is an elite QB. You only have to look at his numbers, his performance and his progress. Since becoming the starter he's never had a season QB ranking below 91 and he's never completed fewer than 60% of his passes. He has terrific 4th quarter and 2 minute stats as well. And he's the 2nd rated QB in NFL history. You don't get there by not being elite.

And don't even bring up the Jets and Lions. Romo had two bad games. In the first 4 games he threw 5 INTs. In the last 12 games TOTAL he threw 5 INTs. He had essentially two bad games all year.

Brady threw 5 INTs in his first 3 games. He threw 6 INTs in two losses. Does that mean he's a lousy QB?

Shoddy reporting. Cho-ko is 1-3 in the playoffs, and actually 1-5 if you include the just as consequential play-in games of 2008 and 2011.

And it's amazing they're still using the lame disclaimer "as he heads into (only) his sixth full season as a starter". For crying out loud: He's a 10-year veteran of the league, there's only a handful of starting QBs who are older, and most of whom have rings.

Romo elite?? Please give me a break!! Elite QB's all have one thing in common and bright and shiny SB ring on their finger. Witten needs to wise up and see that Romo doesn't have it.

As Muhammad Ali said "Champions aren't made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill"

That's what Romo lacks. He doesn't have it. You are born with it, it can't be taught.

Every time Witten puts the word 'elite' in the same sentence with Romo's name. I continue to fall out my chair with laughter...lol.

What Witten said. Anyone who does not recognize Romo as an elite qb is a fool, but there is a level of respect he will never get unless and until he is quarterbacking a team that wins the Super Bowl. Just ask Don Meredith and Danny White!

I'll have whatever Amani Toomer is having.

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