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July 31, 2012

Jerry Jones is it at again: Promises his team will beat the Giants' %%$^%

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones used fan ceremony before the start of training camp to add little more flavor his team's rivalry with the defending NFC East and Super Bowl Champion New York Giants.

An event that featured sky divers, a miniconcert and a performance by the Cowboys cheerleaders was punctuated by Jones challenge to the fans in attendance.

"Y'all should come to Cowboys Stadium and watch us beat the Giants' asses," Jones said defiantly.

Considering the Cowboys open the season at the Giants in New York, you would think Jones would be more worried about that game than the Oct. 28 battle at Cowboys Stadium.

But what's also true is that Jones never misses a chance to sell tickets and fill his $1.2 billion cathedral in Arlington.

Clarence Hill



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Wow this is ridiculous al u did was wake a sleeping giant. To b honest u guys got better but we are not worried about one game like the cowgirls we are thinking super bowl big difference. Nuff said!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Cowboys fans, I'm a Diehard fan, going as far back when ex giants coach Dan Reeves, shared the backfield with Don Perkens, and Walt Garrison w/Dandy Don handing the ball off. So I'm a facts man, and when some NJ Midget fan spouts off at the mouth talking smack thier going to hear from me. So know your facts when you come calling, becuase I'll smack you back down to earth. Cowboy, fans know your team also, becuase its your team.

team NJ Midget Fan's, do you own your own Pro football team? No, well Jerry Jones, does and he has put Three Super Bowl Trophies on his Mantal, have you.
Jerry Jones, also played football at Arkansas, and lined up next to Jimmy Johnson, as Razerbacks- Have you. Its Jerry's team lock, stock, and barral.
None of you can say that! Hey he has a right to pop smack about a team that he has invested billions, making it the number 2 team in worth in the whole world outside of a soccor team in England called Manchester United.
Yes The Cowboys are worth more then the NY Yankees, check it out for yourselves.
Jerry Jones, has more of a right to pop smack then be it any fellow Cowboys or New Jersey Midget fans, so pipe down.
Oh, by the way when Jerry Jones, fired Tom Landry, it was time for him to step down becuase the NFL, had past him by and he could not catch back up.
If he had not fired him there would be three less Super Bowl Championships.
Jerry Jones, did not fire Jimmy Johnson, Jimmy wanted to leave, and they agrred that Jerry would by out the rest of his contract for $10,000,000.00, so fans know the facts, before you type something and post it.

Hey NJ Midgets fans, Your forgeting something, Ny did'nt beat anyone last year unless you played in Buffolo. Lets keep it real, your team and that other team the NJ Bi-planes, played in East Rutherford,NJ. I don't see New York in that address. They have not been New York since Shea Stadium 1975.
the only reason they call themselfs NY, is because the NFL was afraid that NJ fans would not fill the stadium if they called themselves the New Jersey Giants. In fact the Jets are the only team that played on NY soil and won it all for NY. The Great state of New Jersey has two, which is one more then New York. So New Jersey Midget fans, start rooting for the Buffalo Bills, becuase they are realy New York.

Talk is cheap, y'all.

If Jerry Jones would go hunting and got shot in the ass I would consider him brain dead.

JJ SHUT UP AND LET YOUR PLAYERS , PLAY THEY SUCK , so do you ! ! I love watching you cry whenever your team loses, how about in 2007 when you left all the players tickets to the playoffs that your team missed ! SIKE

I'm a Cowboy fan from Chicago for life. I'm with you Jerry all the way. Cowboy boots to Giant asses. GO COWBOYS

..I agree with Gerry Jones..I do not think there will be no probblem, we do have a chance of beating "New Jork Giant..

I will die a Cowboy fan, have followed them since the late 60's. Jerry Jones is an idiot, he proved that right off the bat by the way he treated Tom Landry. Then too fire Jimmy Jones after back to back Super Bowls, too much. I wish he would just go away so the Cowboys could get back to being the COWBOYS ! !

Remember one thing Jerry, I love them Cowboys since 1972, but people are right talk after you do it not before and stay in the booth and let the coaches YOU have chosen run the game, please?! It is America's team not just yours, is it not?? I do believe we will win the division and in the playoff, how far will depend on how bad the team REALLY wants to make History and win A SUPER-BOWL since 95!
Mike Dickerson-Danville, Va.

Another thing if we split in the division we will win it! Mike D. said it here live!!

Five time Super Bowl Champions, how many Super-Bowls for the World Chumps??

I love these people that stick up for this idiot, and say if it wasn't for this person hurt. Or that play, Giants wouldn't even made the playoffs. Listen up stupid, injuries killed the Giants last year, and we still won it all. No need for excuses Cowboys fans, just play and win. But that doesn't happen to showboat teams, Football teams win, not showboats!!! Wake up, I know it sucks year after year losing, but that's what it is, get use to it!!! HOW BOUT THEM LOSER COWBOYS!!!! LOL

Wow.. For an owner to speak so poorly makes him seem ignorant!!! All the money in the world cannot buy him a brain or comment sense.. Very poor sportmenship.. Have you notice what a wonderful coach Coughlin is!!! Take a lesson of etiquettes!!! He never does any smack talking about anyone!!!! Jerry now I hope and pray that the Giants beat the crap out of the douches bags of your team so that you can be left with your foot in your mouth!!' didn't you learn from the Eagles coach talking all his crap before the game and then having to swallow his words after the games when the Eagles lost!!! Jaaaaa <3 it

Jerry should at least win something before he shoots his big mouth off. Remember who won the last Super Bowl Jerry. You're just an arrogant fool.

Typical for the class-less Cowboys to even allow their owner to make such statements. Amazing that at one time hey were considered as America's team!!! What a joke... His comments will fuel the fire moreso in my G-Men.

I know we can beat the giants hands down. outside of a few plays last year we were playing them hard and good. So not to fear. We need to have an attitude of "So What! if I said that, lets just get it on. Football is not for the faint hearted and if you are afraid of fueling the other team by what you say then you probably wouldn't beat them if had said nothing. There is nothing wrong with statements that show your confidence. Jerry Dallas is your team and you can run it the way you want. That is one of the privy's of being an owner. I love the cowboys whether they win or lose. Go Dallas!

The only thing jones know how to beat is their women. Ask the son about putting a woman in the hospital while at Georgetown.

This is about what I would expect from a man who isn't even smart enough to hire a GM for his team. Besides, he is just trying to rouse up the fan base so they can sell tickets.

What JJ need to worry about is his teams rank last year & not about my Giants who are once again going to claim that stadium he built for us! Can't wait to see that stupid look he usually has on his face!!!

Jerry Jones is a BUFFOON. He can't put a decent team together as a GM so he tries to get his troops up with crap.

Good!!! I'm glad he's not saying that we're going to lose to that pile of over-achieving World Chumps!

Jerry!....LMAO...!!!!! You idiot!!

Need to do something to fire up this team. Hell, they SHOULD already have a chip on their shoulder bigger than the Rock of Gibraltar. Maybe Jerry's just trying to spark a team seems to play without a spark. The mere fact that the Giants won the Super Bowl should have the Cowboys foaming at the mouth. But what do you expect when you have a roster full of those who play for paychecks?

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