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July 29, 2012

Jerry Jones says it's good for Claiborne, Carter to hear veterans talk about windows and urgency

The Cowboys can’t get away from the window and urgency talk.

When they landed in California on Saturday, tight end Jason Witten said they were coming into camp with “unbelievable urgency.”

Owner Jerry Jones, who started the whole thing in June, said that’s enough window talk for now.

But he liked it that the team talked about it.

He figures it was good for the younger players to hear it, especially coming from a veteran.

“That’s good for Claiborne to hear. That’s good for Carter to hear,” Jones said, using first-round pick Morris Claiborne and second-year linebacker Bruce Carter to symbolize the younger players on the team. “To hear guys who have excelled, been outstanding, but not hit the brass ring, not gotten the brass ring, or grabbed the ring. So I think it’s very healthy. I think it’s a part of leadership to have some of the guys who have gone before, who have been disappointed, to share it with everybody involved.”

Coach Jason Garrett liked it.

“I think Witten’s comments, without me speaking for him, stem from fact that as leader on this football team over course of last eight, nine, 10 years, he’s a guy who understands we’ve been close at different times. We haven’t gotten the job done. It’s a point we try to make to our team all the time. It’s a bottom-line business. It’s a get-the-job-done business. I’ve heard that from many coaches through the years. I understand that as a coach. I understood that as a player. I think our team understands that.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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