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July 29, 2012

Jones says Cowboys seek return to "glory hole" days of yesteryear

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones admits he is seeking “glory hole” days for his franchise, which last made the playoffs in 2009 and has won only two playoff games since its triumph over Pittsburgh in Super Bowl XXX to close the 1995 season.

Jones was offering praise to veteran tight end Jason Witten for saying the Cowboys cannot settle for “the same old story” again in 2012. Jones declared it good for younger players to hear such perspective from a player who has “been outstanding” but has “not gotten the brass ring.”

Jones said Witten’s comments also motivate him. From there, he proceeded to launch into the most memorable comment of today’s opening news conference about the Cowboys seeking a return to their “glory hole” days of yesteryear.

 “For me, it’s a reminder,” Jones said. “I’ve been here 23 years. I’ve been here when it was glory hole days and I’ve been here when it wasn’t. And, so, having said that, I want me some glory hole. So I have that perspective.”

Shortly thereafter, Cowboys’ vice-president of public relations/communications Rich Dalrymple chimed in with a reminder that “glory hole” is a common expression in the oil and gas exploration business pertaining to a high-profit drilling site. Jones, a longtime oil man, feigned surprise.

“That’s news to me,” Jones said, smiling.

_ Jimmy Burch


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I know what a gloryhole is in real life, but WTF did he mean by "Glory Hole" years. What hole was so glorious?

Most other commenters are not getting the point. They apparently do not know the slang meaning of "glory hole". Guess they've never been to a truckstop men's room.

Is Jerry talking about the famous "White House" days of the 80's and 90's? I know them boys enjoyed them some Glory Hole. Jerry is nuts and talks like he is autistic, or the world's worst used car salesman. What a bizare billionare that dude is!

Let's All Go to Glory Hole.

the cowboys was once the best bsecond half time in the nfl. they need 2 do that again' iss6tead of blowing a big lead. the second haqlf s just as imporant.not going 2 the dressing room and saying wegot in the bag.just play as better in the 2nd halh and not blow a good lead as they haqve in the past .i haqve been a cowboy fan for over 50 years.good luck this season.and play ball in the second hgalfr

Whoever said get rid of Romo is insane! He has top 5 QB numbers every year & our continuous problem is our defense.......last time I checked Romo doesn't play D so back off because Tony takes WAY too much unnecessary criticism!!!

I'm hoping he means "Glory days" and not "Glory Hole days". How is neither of them are aware of the actual sexual meaning of this term?

Quote of the football year is going to be Jerry wanting himself some Glory Hole. I mean c'mon.

Then to correct him by another non used meaning...

Get rid of Romo if you want any "glory hole" chance!

Hard to say what is more embarrassing: the 16-year team mediocrity or the owner's retarded butchering of the english languague.

And they can get there, if they stay patient, draft well, and stop giving out these ridiculous contacts (aka Scandrick). Does Rich Dalrymple have one of the best jobs in America or what?

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