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July 30, 2012

Just CHILL: It's inexcusable for skill guys to flunk the condition test, namely those fighting for jobs

It wouldn’t be Cowboys camp if there wasn’t drama at the outset and Monday didn’t disappoint with running back Felix Jones, receiver Andre Holmes and safety Brodney Pool forced into “remedial” running drills because they failed the conditioning test.

It’s inexcusable for any skill position player to fail the test but was downright criminal for Holmes and Pool to do so.

Jones spent much of the offseason rehabbing from shoulder surgery. He missed OTAs and minicamp. So maybe he can be excused, especially considering he has a roster spot and role on the team already locked up.

But Holmes and Pool are fighting for prominent roles as well as spots on the roster. This was not a good impression on the first day of camp.

Holmes was singled out by owner Jerry Jones as player to watch in battle for third receiver. Jones hoped he could have a breakout year like Laurent Robinson had in 2011

But now Holmes has to regain the trust of his coaches as well as play from behind in his battle for the third receiver job and a roster spot. If no one develops the Cowboys look for an answer off the waiver wire as they did with Robinson last year.

Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan expressed big disappointment in Poole, who he had in Cleveland a couple of years ago and recruited as a free agent from the Jets this offseason to fill the void at free safety.

Poole didn’t have a good offseason in Dallas and made few plays in minicamp _ so much so that Barry Church and rookie draft pick Matt Johnson were being given equal shots to win the job in training camp.

It doesn’t bode well for him to flunk the conditioning test.

If Poole doesn’t win the starting job he likely will not be kept in the roster.

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I am pissed off with Felix Jones!!! I swear, hasn't played a whole season YET!! And now he's supposed to be the #2 RB and his butt ain't even in shape??? I swear if I was coach his butt would be GONE!!!! A veteran that's not in shape by now needs to be cut....pluck it!! Knucklehead!

Holmes is already showing a distinct lack of discipline by being out of shape. Ship him out, too many rookies that are hungry for a roster spot and just as talented. Poole isn't showing us (the fans)much either. Johnson is probably a better athlete than Poole and again, Johnson is one of those hungry rookies fighting for a roster spot. As for Felix I've been on the trade or cut bandwagon for him for the last couple years. All he's shown me so far is he is good at staying hurt and riding the bench.

I'm guessing it's effort not ability that led to these guys failing. For that, I would run them in the ground! They would suck so much wind that there would be a breeze on the field! Each time they finished running I would ask them if they were ready to apply themselves. If they fail again, I'd run them right of the roster!

This is BS, get it straight for crying outloud, or go home! These guys had 7 months to get there body's right! No excuse here but laziness! We don't need guys like that!

For me, Jones, due to his injury recovery, gets a "pass", but Pool and Holmes have NO excuse and after they pass the conditioning test, as a coach I would have them in the dog house, i.e. play them with the 4th string until they started showing me more.

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