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July 28, 2012

Miles Austin said Dez Bryant won't be distracted, curiously calls him "a true professional"

Like the rest of his teammates, receiver Miles Austin had nothing but good things to say about troubled wide receiver Dez Bryant when talking to the media upon arrival at training camp Saturday.

But Austin caused more than few eyes to roll when he called Bryant “a true professional” _ considering the third-year player's much publicized past issues of being late to team meetings and sideline outbursts. That's in addition to his litany of off the field problems which have included lawsuits for failing to pay debts, being banned from a mall for sagging pants and the latest, a charge of family violence for allegedly assaulting his mother.

Austin said the latter, which is still unresolved, will not be a distraction because Bryant is a true professional.

"I feel like Dez is a true professional, and with any true professional when you come to work you have to – regardless of how good or bad outside circumstances are – you got to put those things to the side and go on and work," Austin said.


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This from the guy who has had one great year and can't seem to keep himself in shape to last an entire season. Don't get me wrong - I like Austin, but, put up before you spout off. Dez has done nothing to show he's a real pro.

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