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July 17, 2012

NFL aware of Dez Bryant arrest and will review the case

According to NFL spokesman Michael Signora, Dez Bryant's arrest Monday on suspicion of assaulting his mother has drawn the attention of the league commissioner and chief disciplinarian Roger Goodell.

"We are aware of it and it will be reviewed as appropriate," Signora said.

He also pointed out that Bryant can be disciplined without a conviction per the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy, which reads, "Persons who fail to live up to this standard of conduct are guilty of conduct detrimental and subject to discipline, even where the conduct itself does not result in conviction of a crime."

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Thank GOD I don't subscribe to this garbage rag..

I think that NFL Commissioner Godell will suspend Dez for 6 games because of his personal conduct. This punishment hopefully will bring Dez to his senses. In addition, the cowboys need to surround Dez with people who are not out to get Dez money. Dez himself need to separate himself from those who are tying to live off of him an telling him what he wants to hear. The cowboys will be find, they will find a player who will step up until Dez suspension is over. Dez will be suspended you can bank on it, Dez needs to learn that he can't take his profession for granted an to be without for awhile just might open up his eyes to what he is bless to have before him.

Typical chimp behavior

give the guy a break. Family disputes are all too common. Let the legal process take its course (if there even is any) then consider passing judgement. I say cut the guy a little slack and lets get down to football. No suspension is warranted. Its not a dui afterall. And its his first ever arrest. Goddell has no justification for anything more than a talk with dez and a helping hand to deal with family issues.

i also have serious family problems and i also have put a hand on my mother but only to defend my self my mother hit me in the back of the head with a steel pipe and was going to continue to do so i did what i had to do to get her to stop. Nobody knows the real problem but dez and his mom. they should seperate from one another i wouldnt even send money until things were worked out

Really? How they find out!

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. Thanks for this wonderful post. I hope to see more posts in the future.

I believe anyone whom is ready to judge Dez at this moment has no business judging anyone. On top of that Roger Goodell has WAY too much power. If he can punish players when according to "Official Law" they aren't judged guilty !!
I know it takes more than 1 person to start a fight, and that my 1st wife did horrible things to my daughter i.e. putting lit cigarettes out on her arm : ( I put a stop to it, but it shows that if my daughter slapped her Mom around WHOM COULD BLAME HER ??
I would never strike my Mother, but I was blessed with one of (if not THE) best in the world. Others aren't so blessed.
Someone above said he should just abandon them to their own devices for awhile, and just send them $$. This was most likely what began the argument. It wasn't the right time to be an alcohol induced affair, and each time I hear this there is more he's alleged to have done i.e. the bruises.
Don't be too harsh on him until all of this has been brought to light. Isn't this THE country where you're "Innocent until proven guilty" ??

Have any of you listened to the 911 call. After just a minute or 2 the 911 operator was completely disgusted and ready to whoop Dez's mother's behind! Nothing excuses a man putting his hand on a woman except to defend himself and definitely not your mother, but with a mother like that it makes you feel sorry the kid, and you know why the daddy hauled azz to get away!!! Dez needs to put major distance between himself, his money, and his family, or we gonna have to give him a one way ticket out of town. Sad but true. His mother was a pain in college, and she's a pain now. Run Dez run, and get some help while you're at it.

Only Dez knows his weakness? His inner weakness is his strength if he could find himself and how everything went wrong where and when. He will be more mature and grow into the wide reciver we know he has the potential to be! Other then that we as people of undestanding can't judge somebody by only looking at the cover of the book.........

Dez, drop your family.

Check back in with them in a few years, but drop them now. Send them money and that's it.

Become your own person where someone else's words or actions don't CONTROL your response. Otherwise, you will dance every time your button is pushed.

Hey, TO was the best wide-out the cowboys have has sence Mike88. Yes, he did talk too much and focused on others than himself. Thats true!!! He still led the league in stats. TO DID NOT Kill this team. Jerry needs to FIRE the the GM and Assistant Like Cubin need to fire Donnie Nelson 3 years ago. To you fans that dont like to face what is real then you need to be a Houston Oilers fan and get out of Texas!!!!

It is sad but, I guess the old saying is still true. "you can take the black out of the Hood but, you can't take the hood out of the black. How did this dude make it through colledge? Evidenty he is not dunb--crazy maybe??

Yes no doubt had a very difficult childhood, it's sad. If Dez can get the help he needs he will be productive. However don't judge him to harshly, his mother has not been the best example for him growing up.

Just hope the Cowboys get him the help he needs.

Jerry has to suspend Dez for a couple of games at least. If he doesn't then Sheriff Goodell should step in and do the honor. Dez's anger problems is headed to a very serious stage. Hitting your own mother or any female for that matter is inexcusable. This kid has problems beyond football. Someone has to get his attention one way or another.

Dez,Dez,Dez the guy will never mature. As for rehab or full time babysitter why? The baby sitting experiment with Pacman didn't work. When will the NFL teams send a message to these guys? If you want to act like a dumbass over and over then go back to the hood.

You people who think the Cowboys can win without Dez are crazy.Every time the Cowboys have won Superbowld they had thugs.Just Win Baby & everything else will take care of its self.

What makes anyone think that the Cowboys haven't already tried to help Dez? They knew what they were getting when they drafted him so surely they have taken steps already to protect their investment. Unfortunately whatever steps they did take have not helped...

If Jerry signed Owens then I hope Owense dies on the field....PERIOD!


We can't sit around and just point hte finger at DAZ accussing him,We don't know what stem the whole situation it's deeper than we know,no one should raise there hand to there mother no matter the reason,on the other hsnd we don't know the complete story don't throw the baby out wiht the bath water the truth will come to light .Than discipline should be taken,i'm sure DAZ is awhere of that

Definitely keep Dez and let's bring back TO and hey maybe Sam Hurd too, he is out of work while waiting for his trial.
Then the train wreck tat will be this season can really begin!

Suspend Dez for a few games without pay
and advise him it could be for ever if
he does not straighten up.

Do you find him some help. or should he be traded

Dez is going to get suspended. Least of his and the Cowboys worries right now. Dez needs help, his relationship between his mother and family is dysfunctional, not to mention he's got a long way to go to get his personal life in order after suffering the type of childhood he had. Easy road for the Cowboys is to trade/cut/release him. He's 23-years old, he needs help and needs the type of help that can show him the light sort of speak. He's still young enough to learn. Hope Jerry and Jason get Dez the help he needs here, not just so we have that outside receiver, but to help a person who is in desperate need of rehabilitation.

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