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July 24, 2012

Tony Romo plans to build off stellar end to 2011, says his best years are ahead

Many people point to the beginning of last season when Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo seemingly lost two games all by himself with fourth quarter turnovers as him forever being the same old mistake-prone quarterback who can’t get it done when it matters most.

But anyone who was paying attention would have noticed a transformation in Romo during the season, starting with the courage, toughness and leadership he showed by playing with a fractured rib and punctured long to his sizzling play at end when he was playing as well as any quarterback in the league.

He finished with 31 touchdowns and just 10 interceptions in what coach Jason Garrett and owner Jerry Jones said was the best season of his career.

Romo believes he is continuing to grow and learn as quarterback and heads into 2012 hoping to build off of his play at the end of last season.

“I am excited a little bit from that perspective,” said Romo during an in store appearance at Walmart in Arlington to promote Starter's fall collection.  “And the fact that I have continued to improve. I learned a lot at the beginning of last year. It allowed me to do some things in the latter part. I had a stretch at the end that I was able to utilize some of the negative things that happened to me at the beginning of the season to play at the level I was starting to. I think that will only continue.”

It sucks you have to go through those things. But they were great experiences for me in the long run. The short term sucked. That is part of growing as a quarterback and getting better. You got to utilize it and I did. I think my best years are head of me and that’s exciting.” 

Clarence Hill




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Romo is not a baby anymore. No more paternal pats on the back cause goshdarnit, what a swell guy! Everyone learns, just dont use it as an excuse for failure. Which seems to be the MO here.

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Wow! So all grown ups know everything? You should meet my parents. You never stop learning especialy as a football player. Mistakes are also called experience and thats how you learn. Go cowboys!!!!!!

Don't know about you guys. But to me it sounded like Romo was patting himself on the back.

Jesse wrote: ...he should know everything.
Of all the absurd comments I and others on this site have made in the past, that beats all. "He should know EVERYTHING???" I have to tell you I am biting my tongue here, and hitting my fingers with hammers to keep me from telling this guy how ridiculous his statement is. This kind of illogic ties me up in knots! Tell us, Jesse, something you know EVERYTHING about.

You never stop learning and growing!

Romonation baby!

"growing", "learn", "continue to improve"...

Does Tony realize that he is a grown-up now? It is not about "learning", he should know everything. It is about execution and leadership. He needs to sell his team that he "has it", not that he is continuously improving.

Not going to arrive, but has arrived.

Or not.

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