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July 24, 2012

Tony Romo remains in support of Dez Bryant, says he will learn from his mistake

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo continued to show support for embattled teammate Dez Bryant on Tuesday during an in store appearance at Walmart in Arlington to promote Starter's fall collection. .

Romo doesn’t condone the incident, which has Bryant facing a misdemeanor family violence charge for allegedly hitting his mother, but he does have Bryant’s back as a teammate and friend.

“I think Dez and everybody does things they wish they could have back in life,” Romo said.  “But that was a situation and he is going to learn from it. He is going to take steps in the future to make sure that doesn’t happen again.  I know he feels bad. It’s a kid who is growing and learning to become a man. He is really a good kid.”

Romo reached out to Bryant shortly after the news broke about the incident last week in what could be considered a sign of his growing leadership.

But Romo said it was more about being a good teammate and the close knit relationship the Cowboys have in the locker room now compared to past years.

“It’s an example of me not thinking about anything else and knowing I’m here for my teammate,” Romo said. “More than anything else that was what it was about.  Dez knows I care about him. He knows I care about his family. He knows I’m here when he needs me. I know he is the same way. I think our team is a close knit team. That is the way this team was built in a lot of ways. It’s nice to see that because that is not always the case.”

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