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August 07, 2012

Beasley bouncing back strong since returning to camp, draws praise from Stephen Jones

Two days away from training camp seems to have done wonders for former SMU receiver Cole Beasley, who had another strong practice Tuesday. Beasley left the team briefly to attend to personal issues but has turned in back-to-back strong efforts in Oxnard.

“I think he’s actually playing better now than he did the first couple of days of camp,” said Stephen Jones, the Cowboys’ director of player personnel. “Obviously, there were some things he needed to get straightened out in his mind. And it looks like he’s gotten that done.”

Jones said that is why the Cowboys remained “open-minded” when Beasley approached coach Jason Garrett and acknowledged thoughts about ending his football career. Beasley, a rookie, missed two days of camp before returning.

_ Jimmy Burch


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Right on Cole Beasley, show losers like the so called "Cowboy Fan" posting what's going on.

Don't worry "twish60" ole poster "CF" probably has on an Owens jersey and could not even begin to tell you 30% of our roster in 2002, let alone 1988.

Cowboy fan, my question is why not? Do you and me and the rest of the world live perfect lives? All of us have issues. The fact he was man enough to do what needed to be done is very admirable. If he has the skills to make the team, we need him. Has our memory forgotten all the issues of Michael Irvin, Hollywood Henderson, T.O. etc.? I sure hope not.

Not sure what happened but I hope his mind is right. He has a chance to make this team without question.

He said it wasn't football related stuff so I'm good on that. I believe he wants to be here and play football for the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League.

Never would allow a guy who quit to return. He better earn this secound chance!

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