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August 19, 2012

Cole Beasley says ball knocked the wind out of him -- and more -- against Chargers

Cole Beasley was active Saturday night. He was the Cowboys’ leading receiver with seven catches for 104 yards.

He also threw up.

The camera was on him when he vomited on the way to the sideline after a catch in the middle of the field in which he hit the ground hard.

“I was tired, but the reason I came off was because I landed on the ball, and the ball knocked the wind out of me and made me have to throw up a little bit,” he said. “Tired had a little bit to do with it, but it was more the ball knocking the air out of me.”

He smiled as he was talking to reporters about it.

Vomiting is nothing new for him.

He said he used to do it before games in high school and college.

“I’m not ashamed on it at all,” he said. “I just happened to land on the ball, and it made some stuff come out of me.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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