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August 04, 2012

Errant snaps continue to hamper workouts; Garret says it may be time to add veteran center

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said the team may begin looking for a veteran center to bring in to training camp after watching guard David Arkin airmail multiple shotgun snaps over the head of quarterbacks during today’s morning session. Garrett said the team “cued the circus music” too frequently during the morning walkthrough, bogging down the workout.

“When the ball isn’t handled the right way, it really slows down the whole process and makes everything look really sluggish and really sloppy,” Garrett said. “It’s a very important position and a very important process, the snap to the quarterback … We have two (injured players) who would be second and third center candidates who aren’t with us, so David Arkin is getting a lot of snaps.”

Too many of them, at this point, are not making the proper connections. That is why Garrett said “there are some thoughts about” adding a veteran center to the camp roster.

“You’ve got to take care of the ball. There’s a tremendous amount of urgency … to get this thing right,” Garrett said. “We’ve got to get it right so we can function.”

_ Jimmy Burch


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I've commented on the OL issues before. Simply put, we only go as far as the front five perform. Great skilled position players don't matter if the five up front don't do thier jobs. It all starts with the center, not just snapping the ball, but handling his blocking assignments as well.

At this rate, Romo will be hurt early and the run game will suffer. Certainly won't win a tough NFC East division with a poor center and questionable guards. Sad, three positions that are relatively inexpensive to fix, didn't get addressed properly in the offseason. Now they will hold us back unless we can get some healthy replacements that can get it done. Just sad!

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