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August 13, 2012

Garrett doesn't blame Orton for interception in two-minute drill before halftime

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett didn’t blame Kyle Orton for the interception he threw late in the first half. Garrett said part of it was giving Orton a chance to wing a throw in a two-minute situation.

“We wanted to give him a chance to run that two-minute thing prior to the half, so we were a little bit aggressive there, but I thought he handled it well,” Garrett said. “It looked like the receiver slipped down on the interception. He was force-driving the ball in there a little bit, but we kind of wanted to see if we could pull that situation off.”

Orton finished 7-of-12 for 87 yards.

“I thought he handled himself really well,” Garrett said. “He plays with poise. You can tell he’s played in a lot of NFL games. Felt the adjustments and the communication he made throughout the game were good.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Now we see what made Orton great with the Bears, Broncos, and the Chiefs. The opposing team loves to catch his passes for him.

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