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August 04, 2012

Garrett says Cole Beasley told him football 'wasn't in his heart at this time,' but he's still a Cowboy as they try to help him

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said receiver Cole Beasley came into his office Friday and said “he wasn’t going to play football anymore.”

Garrett said for now, the undrafted receiver out of SMU is still on the team, but the Cowboys are going to make sure he has help before they make a decision about his roster spot.

They played him on the exempt list so that his spot doesn’t count against the roster.

“We have resources in our organization. We try to help our players,” Garrett said. “We just want to evaluate where he is before we make a final determination.”

Garrett said Beasley told him football “wasn’t in his heart at this time.”

Garrett said, “I’ll leave it at that. I don’t want to get into too much more detail on that. We just want to evaluate it. Sometimes for a young player, when you get into training camp, sometimes you don’t feel like you like football when you are going through two-a-day type schedules and all of that. I’ll leave it at that at this point, and we will continue to evaluate the situation.”

Garrett said the decision did surprise him.

"I was surprised because one of the things we liked about him was he was a guy who definitely demonstrated passion and hunger as a player," Garrett said. "That's how undersized guys like him have success. He has had that his whole life, where he has overacheived, and a lot of it has to do with his love for the game, and that shows up in his play. So this happens with young players, and at some point they evaluate for themselves what they want to do with their lives. It's a competitive sitaution here to try to make football teams and have a role on football teams. If you are not all in, it's going to be hard to do the things you want to do or we want you to do.
"We are going to evaluate it for a day or so and continue to look at it and see what the next best decision is."

-- Carlos Mendez

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No matter his ability, if he doesnt want to play, we need to respect that and let him move on. Certainly don't want or need someone that isn't in it with all thier heart. I respect his decision to not play instead of him just making the 53 and collecting a check. He's doing us a favor if he truly dosent want to play.

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