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August 19, 2012

Garrett says Nate Livings will practice Monday, inching Cowboys' o-line closer to health

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said offensive guard Nate Livings will practice Monday.

It will be the first padded work for Livings since the third day of camp, when he suffered a hamstring injury. He and Mackenzy Bernadeau, signed as free agents to be the starting guards, have not practiced together yet.

Starting center Phil Costa is still expected to miss a little time, but it’s a start toward health for the offensive line the Cowboys envisioned – left tackle Tyron Smith, left guard Livings, center Costa, right guard Bernadeau and right tackle Doug Free.

The Cowboys don’t expect receiver Miles Austin to practice.

They would also like to see the return of receiver Danny Coale, who suffered a quadriceps injury three days after being cleared to practice following his recovery from a broken foot.



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Well, it appears Star-Telegram has changed the format for comments on here. I used to be able to sign in as JohnArlington, but now I will be one of my Facebook monikers, Ecoveauction. I hope this doesn't kill commenting on this Cowboy's Corner blog.

Anyway, our OL, outside of Tyron Smith didn't look very good backups and all. How about the 'Boyz take a look at a beast from the east that the Bills just let go--Michael Jasper? He's young, athletic, super strong, and something you can't teach--HUGE. He's somewhere around 6'4" 375lbs. And no, it's not all fat. 375 is actually trimmed down for him as he played at 420-430 in college. He easily benched 225 38 times in minute. Wow!

Anyway, the 'Boyz did listen to me and other fans yesterday finally after we asked last year that they try Teddy Williams as a kick returner. Heck, with his world-class speed it was a good gamble to see if he could be a burner back there. Boy did our request flop yesterday. Williams looked terrible trying to return kicks. He looked tentative, confused, and slow. Unless Williams has great CB instincts on defense and can show his world class speed closing in on the ball, I suggest the Teddy Williams experiment in Dallas is over.

Anyway, I've said this last year during and shortly after the pre-season was over--beyond the starters, what we have in the cupboard for backups and free-agents looks pretty bare--except for Olawale, Adrian Hamilton, Victor Butler, Beasley, Ogletree, Hanna, etc... If the 'Boys let any of these players go, then we know this team is being mismanaged for sure. Right now, I'd take Olawale over Jones. And that kid Hamilton looks like he might be a hidden gem--he showed flashes, but we've seen flashes before turn into fool's gold. I just hope those 6 players don't disappear in the next pre-season game. I hope they light it up. The positions jobs are there for the taking on the 'Boys team. These 6 just need to reach out and take those jobs! Show us next week guys that you want it! I know one guy that will always show it--Victor Butler.

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