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August 05, 2012

Jerry Jones continues to talk tough about Dez Bryant,said he lost his benefit of the doubt collateral

Jerry Jones is not backing down from his tough talk regarding receiver Dez Bryant and his play on an off the field following his arrest two weeks ago for misdemeanor family violence against his mother.

Jones had somewhat of a come to Jesus meeting with Bryant and let him know if he didn’t take care of his business the right way on and off the field that he could lose his job with the Cowboys.

“What I expressed was my own frustration,” Jones said. “I didn’t want to visit until I got past all of that, and certainly it’s important, I want everyone to know, certainly Dez that this is not good for the Cowboys, we take that very seriously. It’s not good for the franchise, and so the same kinds of things that he needs to address for the league and for society and the legal aspect of it, as well as for him. It holds true for the Cowboys and that’s the way it is. That’s not really new. It’s just a point of emphasis.”

Jones said Bryant can help himself and help his family off the field by doing the right things on the field.

Bryant has had a strong start camp but Jones said he always looked good in camp and faded as the season has gone along because he was out of shape.

So while Bryant has looked good, Jones emphasized that he must sustain it.

“Well, I’m seeing him do what you almost expect from him,” Jones said. “What I want him to do is, and we want to do, is be able to do that all year long, all game long. That hasn’t happened. He’s disappeared at the end of some ballgames, and then we haven’t had at him because of injury in the season. I know he’s in the best shape that he’s been in since he’s been in pro football, a lot of injury in the past, and a lot of the times that disappeared at the end of the ballgames, I think that had to do with his conditioning. That’s not the case. This season, he’s really in top shape, I’m glad to see, it’s exciting to see him make those plays.”

“That’s why he’s got a real opportunity to get his life together because he can make plays like that,” Jones continued. “If he can do that, he’s got a way to kind of get people to say look, he was a young guy, made some mistakes, but look at him go now. That’s my dream for him.”

Jones said he has seen a lot of improvement in Bryant’s approach to the game, starting back in the offseason. His focus in workouts was better and so was his approach but was before he got charged for misdemeanor family violence right before camp.

“He’s screwed around here and got his benefit of the doubt collateral down to nothing,” Jones said.  “And he’s also very vulnerable. Now you’ve got to act differently when you’re in those shoes. He’s got to gain a bunch of that back. He can do it, and he can do it right out on this football field. And I hope that he does.”

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So MANY mistakes about Dez----I;m glad it's time to play ball, and the crap articles will be replaced by actual football stories

Sorry, meant the guy below....NWAC

Wouldn't that be a Coach Garrett conversation? Or how can Coach Garrett manage Dez Bryant at all , after his boss has laid down the law and bottom-lined the players role and roster spot?

National Whistleblower Allen Carlton
Wow - That's the biggest load of hogwash I've ever read.

What planet is the guy above me from?

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