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August 09, 2012

Jones dismisses Burress speculation, says team focused on young receivers "for now"

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones squelched speculation about imminent plans to sign free-agent receiver Plaxico Burress, who played last season for the New York Jets.

“Not at all. We haven’t even discussed that internally at all. That has not been discussed at any level within our organization, one way or another,” Jones said after today’s evening practice.

Jones did say the Cowboys would “look at any option” later in camp, once they have monitored the progress of the young receivers seeking to land roster spots behind starters Miles Austin and Dez Bryant.

An NFL source confirmed preliminary contact between the Cowboys and Burress. Asked specifically about Burress, who turns 35 later this week, director of player personnel Stephen Jones said he “wouldn’t totally rule out” Burress as a down-the-line option. But that clearly is not Plan A.

For now, the Cowboys want to let the young receivers show what they can do in pre-season games before turning their focus toward a veteran receiver. Jerry Jones praised today’s efforts by former SMU receiver Cole Beasley. Andre Holmes also made some notable catches in today’s practice.

“We’re not trying to trade and we’re looking forward to this run of pre-season games to look at these young guys. We like what some of them are doing,” Jones said. “We saw Beasley made some catches out there today. We’re going to stick right there, for right now.”

_ Jimmy Burch


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if Jerry and his cronies haven't even talked about Burress then they're not doing their job!!

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