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August 23, 2012

Spontaneous on-field adjustments mark tonight's Silver & Blue Debut in Cowboys Stadium

When the unexpected happens on the football field, coaches call it “sudden change.”

The best teams rise to the moment and meet the challenge, whether that means a defense keeping an opposing offense out of the end zone after a short-field turnover or an offense capitalizing on a long punt return and scoring a touchdown while momentum is on its side.

Fans who watched the Cowboys go through tonight’s Silver & Blue Debut at Cowboys Stadium saw the team respond to a lot of unscripted moments, whether it was a beat-the-clock drive by the offense or a defense suddenly forced to into a goal-line situation after an imaginary turnover declared by coach Jason Garrett.

Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan said the spontaneous work was good for the team.

“Jason put in a lot of situations where no one knew them,” Ryan said. “Coaches had to react to them. Players had to react to them. So it was really good. A lot of good work.”

Ryan said players also enjoyed seeing the thousands of fans who showed up to watch the free practice in Arlington.

“It’s fun to get back here in front of the loyal crowd that’s here,” Ryan said. “We’ve got a lot of big things to get done and we’re working hard to get them done.”

_ Jimmy Burch


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