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August 19, 2012

Victor Butler has a sack subbing for Anthony Spencer, but says Alex Albright stepped up mentally and physically

Outside linebacker Victor Butler had a sack and two tackles in fill-in duty for injured Anthony Spencer, but it wasn’t his own game that he was impressed with.

He said Alex Albright – playing in place of DeMarcus Ware, also injured – was a standout at the other outside linebacker spot Saturday night against the Chargers as the Cowboys put up another first-half shutout.

“You look at this starting defense,” he said. “You don’t have a DeMarcus Ware. You don’t have an Anthony Spencer. You’ve got Victor Butler and Alex Albright. Alex Albright fill in and did a hell of a job, to me, sticking up for that role. He could have stepped in and been lost, been out there chasing cars like a dog. But instead, he stepped in and knew what he had to do and did his job. That just contributed to Rob Ryan and those guys are doing a hell of a job of getting everybody on this defense on the same page.”

Albright, a second-year player out of Cincinnati, had four tackles.

Butler said Albright was sharp mentally, too.

“He knows the game almost as well as Sean Lee,” Butler said. “We put in a check this morning and the situation comes up in the game. He was the first one to spot it out and signal it to the whole defense. Not Sean Lee. Not the safeties. It was Alex Albright.”

Feel like gotta shut everyone down?

“Even when you’ve got a high-powered offense like ours and you expect them to go out there and put up 50 points, as a defense, it’s a sense of pride as a competitor that you don’t want to give up a yard,” Butler said. “You don’t want to give up a touchdown, a field goal, anything. Our mentality every game is to go out and hold an offense to no points. You don’t want to give up a yard.”

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