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September 03, 2012

Brandon Carr is a natural at media interviews, which is good, because he does a lot

Brandon Carr has been talking to reporters every day, and he’s perfectly comfortable doing it.

He’s an entertaining interview.

He was talking about rookie Morris Claiborne on Monday at Valley Ranch.

“Just watching him as he got here over the course of time, just seeing him grow up, coming into himself, becoming more comfortable with the system, with his teammates, with his own ability, it’s going to be a great test for him this week,” Carr said, giving a perfectly fine answer to a standard interview question.

Then he was asked about how the rookie will react to the big stage.

“He seems like a pretty mild-mannered, reserved type person,” he said. “I’ve got faith in him.”

Carr smiled.

“He reminds me of a guy five years ago.”

Reporters laughed, getting the joke.

“Not a first-round pick.”

More laughs.

“But you know ... fifth round.”


“Smaller school.”

And with that, the group interview was over. Everybody shuffled off with smiles.

Carr had been a hit in another interview.


“There’s a lot of y’all,” he told a reporter. “There might be two here, two there in Kansas City.”

-- Carlos Mendez

Twitter @calexmendez


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