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September 10, 2012

Carr: It was important for him to make a good first impression, now it's time to build on it vs. Seattle

Cornerback Brandon Carr joined the Cowboys in the offseason to improve a wretched secondary of a year ago, courtesy of a much hyped five-year, $50.1 million contract.

So naturally he wanted to come out in the opener against the Giants and let the league know there was  new sheriff in the Cowboys secondary and things will be a different in 2012.

“For me it was like a first impression,” Carr said. “The first time playing a full 60 minutes, first time playing together as a team. Playing for wins and losses, playing against the defending Super Bowl champions. For me, it’s a first impression to let the division know that I’m here, that the Cowboys defense and the Cowboys team is here 2012 and we’re ready to play.”

Carr and the Cowboys limited the Giants to just two pass plays of 20 yards or more _ which is a stark improvement for a pass defense that gave up big plays like Halloween candy last year.

Now they have sights turned to the Seattle Seahawks and mobile rookie quarterback Russell Wilson in what is one of the league’s toughest road stadiums.

“Man, another hostile environment, another tough opponent that can get the ball down field,” Carr said. “I think the guys are ready for Week 2 and ready to show again that Week 1 wasn’t a fluke. We got to carry on the momentum from last week, continue to show our presence on the field and be dominant.”

 Carr said the Cowboys are already wary of Wilson who doesn’t play like a rookie.

“He’s a rookie quarterback but he has a lot of savvy,” Carr said. “From just looking on film, if you didn’t know he was looking at you, you couldn’t tell he was a rookie quarterback. He handles himself well in the pocket. When he gets outside the pocket, he keeps his poise and gets the ball down the field.”

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Knock Wilson on his butt a couple times and you'll see him play like a rookie. All he needs to hear are D Ware's footsteps. LOL

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