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September 17, 2012

Garrett calls defending a teammate a tricky situation, but 'you have to defend him'

Jason Garrett said it’s a balancing act for the Cowboys to defend a teammate but not to hurt the team.

“You obviously want to compete, you want to have each other’s backs, but you also have to have poise and composure,” he said Monday at Valley Ranch, asked about the on-field response by the players to the hit against Sean Lee. “It’s really important for us to understand how to handle ourselves at the end of a down after a play like that, because you don’t want to compound the mistake. You don’t want to add another 15-yard penalty to that. It’s a tricky situation.”

Cornerback Orlando Scandrick came the closest to retaliating, having to be held back from going after Seattle’s Golden Tate. He said after the game he was “defending our captain.”

“It’s a balancing act as a coach to be able to tell them one thing and also tell them something that appears to be completely opposite of that,” Garrett said. “But it’s just the reality of it. You have to defend him. You have to defend him the right way. We have to trust the officials are going to take care of their job in a situation like that, knowing we’ve got to go play the next play and defend each other within the confines of the rules between the whistles.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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