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September 16, 2012

Jerry Jones plain talk: Seahawks were better, imposed their will, showed how to use home field

Jerry Jones wanted to give credit to the Seahawks, and he wanted to make sure he was understood.

“In everything about playing football, they were better than we were today,” he said after Sunday’s 27-7 loss. “Every aspect of it. So we can call it whatever you want to call it, but they were better than we were today, all the way.”

It was plain, simple talk from the Cowboys owner, who usually convolutes his sentences around themselves to get to a basic point.

Sunday, there were no roundabouts.

“They were prepared. They played ready. They played with emotion,” he said of the Seahawks. “We knew they were a good team when we came up here. And they are a good team, especially at home. So we do congratulate them. This is a disappointment for us, an example for us how about how to play with home field.”

Jones said the outcome didn’t surprise him, not after the way the teams played.

“But that doesn’t make it any easier,” he said. “We thought we had an opportunity to win two on the road, which would be a great way to start. But they had other ideas. They imposed their will on us today. And we’ve just got to look at that and learn form that, and that’s what the NFL is.”

Jones said the Cowboys have to be good enough to overcome an early deficit, no matter how it happened. He said not getting to 2-0 is a frustration.

“We’ve got to be good enough to come in situations like this and win to get where we’re going, and we weren’t today,” he said. “We’ve got to be good enough to play a team like this at home and gain on it, to create a win that we can build on. That’s what we are. We didn’t get it done today. And I know everybody in this room’s disappointed. We’ve got to be good enough to win a game like this, and we weren’t today. But they had everything to say about it.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Why does this guy insist on talking?

How many GMs or owners stand there right after a game and start talking about what just happened?

Jerry, here's a message for you: You are a big reason why this team never gets over the hump. Your evaluation of coaches and players is at or very near the bottom of the NFL. And keep bragging up Dez Bryant. How many drops did he have today?

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