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September 06, 2012

Jerry Jones thrilled by Cowboys' tenacity in win, but sobered by reminder that NFL season is a marathon

Jerry Jones said the win over the Giants “can be inspirational,” but he has no trouble remembering that the story of the season for them or the Cowboys is a long way from being told.

“The Giants have shown us that you can have a marathon here,” the Cowboys owner said after Wednesday night’s 24-17 victory. “They’re the role model on how to adjust and go home with the trophy. The Cowboys and Giants, neither of us is happy unless we end up in that Super Bowl and get a win.”

When the game got tight at the end, Jones admitted to nervous thoughts.

“What I didn’t say and didn’t know – would this team have the courage to play against a quality team like that, on the road, and have the courage to stay in there and win a ballgame?” he said. “And I really was concerned there late in the game that we were going to fool around here, get them to get back in it. But this bunch persevered. It was a very significant win for the franchise.”

Jones said the Cowboys did show courage in the win, but he didn’t doubt it was there.

 “Not their courage, just the tenacity to overcome those mistakes,” he said. “That takes a lot out of  you. I think we might have had like four first downs or four second downs and then had them reversed on penalties there – I’ve lost count. But the point is, I like the way that we won the game. We made a lot of mistakes against a good team that maybe should have beaten us and didn’t because this bunch played and stayed the course.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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