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September 07, 2012

Jones says Cowboys defense has speed, and Rob Ryan is using it well after a 'Come-to-Jesus' year

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said on his radio show Friday that he is impressed by the speed of the defense, particularly linebacker Bruce Carter, and pass coverage inside.

And he likes how defensive coordinator Rob Ryan has recovered from last year and taken advantage of the new players.

“I’m real pleased with what we’ve done relative to the interior of our pass defense,” Jones told 105.3 The Fan’s Elf and Slater Show. “In other words, running with backs, running with tight ends, and running with crossing receivers.”

Carter had five tackles in the 24-17 victory against the Giants.

“We are faster,” Jones said. “There’s no question that when you look at No. 54 out there, who is the fastest inside linebacker in the NFL – maybe the fastest linebacker, period – he has speed and is a big difference out there. Him and Sean Lee are, I think, going to be one of our strengths.”

Jones said cornerbacks Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr, while also fast, are showing instinctive play.

“They don’t have to play off of them 50 yards,” he said. “(They can) step up there and be in tune with where the ball’s going. So with Scandrick and now with Jenkins coming on, I think it’s got a chance to be a heck of a year for them. That could be maybe really identified as one of the top three or four strengths of our whole team is that corner group. So I like our speed. So I think Rob’s going to take advantage of it.”

And of Ryan, Jones said he deserves compliments.

“Hats off to him,” Jones said. “He’s had a year that was a ‘Come-to-Jesus’ year for him. He really has had to dig in and look at what he can do better, look at what we can do better in the context of his philosophy. He’s made adjustments. He’s done the things that great coaches do.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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