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September 06, 2012

Romo says Ogletree earned his trust in camp while he was getting extra work with Austin, Bryant out

What Kevin Ogletree did against the Giants on Wednesday night is what he has been doing in practice.

For Tony Romo, it was no surprise to see an eight-catch, 114-yard, two-touchdown performance from the fourth-year receiver.

“I know sometimes as journalists and writers you can go off of the games and see the stuff that is happening when someone does certain things, but for me, I’m going off of the guy in practice every day,” Romo said. “The guy who’s consistently getting a good release from press coverage. The guy who is consistently where he needs to be at the right time.

“The reason he got that job is because he was doing that day in and day out, and it showed tonight his commitment that it took.”

Ogletree got a chance to work with Romo a lot in training camp because Miles Austin was held out from the third day because of a hamstring problem, and Dez Bryant didn’t practice for a week and a half because of knee tendinitis.

Ogletree and Romo developed a feel for each other. It paid off on the first touchdown.

“It was a great job by him to recognize where they were, and I could sense where he was going, and he made a great play to kind of assess where they were at,” Romo said.

Romo also credited Ogletree’s maturing as a player.

“It’s a hard job going to training camp as a wide receiver, especially when your top two guys end up getting hurt, because you’re taking every rep,” Romo said. “You were taking some before, and now you’re taking even more. I talk to him every day and talk to him about that same commitment level,  that this is important, just as important as yesterday. You have to wake up and reassess in your brain and say ‘start over right now.’ And if you keep doing that every day, you stack them all together, and that’s what Kevin has done.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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