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September 26, 2012

Rookie safety Matt Johnson says he hurt his back doing squats, wishes he could help the team

Rookie safety Matt Johnson said he hurt his back when he was doing squats as part of his rehab for his hamstring injury.

“I went to rack it like I’ve done a million times, and it just kind of gave out on me,” he said Wednesday. “I don’t know if I relaxed for a second or it was something else.”

Johnson said he got an epidural shot to calm the back down so he could rest it for a couple of days. But he said he is doing fine now. In fact, he wants to do more work, but the Cowboys keep taking it slow with him.

“That’s the hardest thing ever,” he said. “Like, even when I’m running and stuff, say three sprints, it’s, ‘OK, I feel good.’ They’re like, ‘OK, that’s all we’re doing today.’ That’s the hardest thing, to just not jump back in there.

“From what I’ve heard, when you feel like you’re 100 percent, wait a couple more days before you go, just to make sure.”

The Cowboys need safety help with Gerald Sensabaugh being out last week with a strained calf and Barry Church gone for the season with an Achilles tear. Tuesday, the team signed veteran Eric Frampton.

“I want to do what I can,” Johnson said. “With Gerald out last week and Barry out for the season, that would help the team out greatly right now. Obviously, I want to go out there and prove myself, but I want to help the team more than anything.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Cut Johnson's cripple rump and SIGN A CENTER Jerry. Cook is nothing more than a 3rd string backup at best. Until we get a TRUE center the middle of our O-line will always be our Achilles heel. Seattle proved that.

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