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September 21, 2012

Ryan says Seattle coaches trumped plans to pressure Wilson with fresh offensive tweaks

Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan credited Seattle coaches with a solid game plan to protect rookie quarterback Russell Wilson in Sunday’s 27-7 loss to the Seahawks. Ryan said the Seahawks minimized the Cowboys’ blitz opportunities by using lots of two tight-end formations with maximum protection and having Wilson _ who completed 15-of-20 passes _ throw a higher-than-expected number of rollout passes, rather than dropbacks.

Ryan said Friday that the Seahawks used a lot of three-receiver formations in the team’s opening loss to the Arizona Cardinals but went to the three-receiver look just 10 times against Dallas. On eight of those plays, Ryan said the Seahawks ran the ball.

“Believe me, I was wanting to hit the kid, too,” said Ryan, responding to criticism that the Cowboys _ who had two sacks _ did not get enough pressure on a rookie quarterback. “They had a plan that wouldn’t allow us to do it … We never got the same game that the Cardinals did. If we did, that kid would have woke up missing.”

_ Jimmy Burch



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Coach Ryan seems to have, just about every game, a clear view of what happened to his defense and why the other team deserved credit to out play the Dallas D, all in hind sight of course. I wonder if he can pre-outthink, pre-outcoach, pre-pare!!!!! for the opposing team's offenses. Just a thought.

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