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September 26, 2012

Sensabaugh says MNF play almost turned him off to football, like Pacquiao-Bradley turned him off to boxing

Cowboys safety Gerald Sensabaugh almost couldn’t put the words together as he thought about the officiating in the Green Bay-Seattle game on Monday night.

He said it has almost turned him off to the very sport he plays, just like he soured on boxing after the controversial decision in Pacquiao vs. Bradley.

“This is my profession, I play it, I play this game,” he said Wednesday at Valley Ranch, as a conversation with reporters turned to the end of the Monday Night Football game. “But it kind of gives you that sense of feeling like, ‘Man, I don’t even want to.’ I don’t know. It’s just like the Bradley fight. That was crazy. I don’t even want to order another boxing match. I probably will, because I like the camaraderie and having people come over, but that fight just killed boxing for me. I don’t even want to watch it. And I don’t want our game to get to that. I hope it doesn’t. But that play the other night was crazy.”

Sensabaugh said he sympathizes with the replacement officials and the job that they’re trying to do. But he said it’s clear that they are underqualified.

“Would you let a Toyota dealership work on your brand new Rolls-Royce?” he said. “That doesn’t work right, does it? Our brand is so big and so important to a lot of people, there’s no way you can have – I don’t want to use the word incompetent – guys that don’t have that experience at that level.

“They’re trying. They’re doing a good job. You can’t really blame them. They’re not used to this level of play, or the speed of the game this faat, maybe, or our different rules. But they’re working hard. I don’t think anything’s purposely done.”

But Sensabaugh said he fears for the worst in a game with really high stakes.

“You mess around in the Super Bowl or a playoff game, you might have towns rioting over stuff like that,” he said. “There’s a lot riding on these games. I don’t know. You have people betting on these games. I know Vegas is crazy. I don’t know. And I’m not a guy that criticizes refs. I really don’t care. I just like to go out there and play. I know that’s a hard job that they do – I tried to ref in a basketball game before, a youth league game, I thought the fans were going to kill me. But those games really aren’t as important as our games today. We have the best sport here in the States. It attracts so many people, so many watchers, I don’t understand how everybody can see a game one way except for like three people. I don’t know.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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