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October 02, 2012

A surprised Jerry Jones relishes upcoming bye, says Cowboys have a long way to go

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones didn't hide his disappointment about his team's 34-18 loss to the Chicago Bears.

The excitement of the Cowboys season opening victory against the Giants have given way to shock and awe regarding the team's struggles the past three games. The Cowboys are 2-2 but look nothing like a possible a playoff team that Jones was hoping for heading into next week's bye.

Jones says it's a good time of bye for the team can reassess and look itself in the mirror.

"All I know is we have a long way to go," Jones said. "But this isn't the way I wanted to get started. Nobody does. I'm glad we have the time off that we have. That'sll give us the chance to reassess and loook in the mirror. This was a timely bye for us. It's very disappointing. I am surprised. We have a lot of work to do."

Clarence Hill


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Jerry is not surprised. Nobody is. Now, the first week was a surprise but the 3 games since then are what everybody expected...mediocre, sloppy, careless and confused play.

I've been a cowboys fan my entire life but what Jerry SHOULD be surprised, even scared, to know and understand is this: I'm having a hard time even caring anymore. And I am NOT alone.

Every year we go through this, lots of hype, and then letdown after letdown. Line play looks weak, no running game, too much pass, it's going to be another long year.

Can I call Jerry Jones a clown and will the moderator let it slip through and be published? Please, Mr Moderator?

Jerry Jones has no clue that so many (almost all) of this team's problems have his name on them. He has put together a team with no heart and no guts; he hired a head coach that is obviously not ready for the gig. He went nuts with the new stadium and has priced out the diehard fans and now the team has NO home field advantage. As a football executive, Jerry Jones is zero. Why is he a zero? Because that's as low as the scale goes.

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