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October 18, 2012

Bill Callahan supports Jason Garrett as play caller, not looking to take over

There has been a lot of talk since last Sunday’s 31-29 loss to the Ravens, which featured some game management mistakes in the final moments, about whether veteran offensive line coach/offensive coordinator Bill Callahan should take over play-calling duties from coach Jason Garrett.

Callahan wants no part of the discussion. He said Garrett does a great job and he is here to support him.

"I think coach does a great job calling plays," Callahan said. "When I first took the job, I came here to help him in any capacity. That's what my function is and that's what my role is on our staff. Anyway I can help coach in preparation, if he wants a suggestion, I certainly can give it to him. We got great communication on the sideline and in between series, he's the play caller here and does a great job with it and he has a great feel for what Tony (Romo) likes and what we want to do as an offense. I got nothing but immense respect for coach and his ability to call plays."

Callahan said he also had no problem with how Garrett handled things at the end of the Ravens games. He said no one is perfect.

"In the heat of the moment there are a lot of things that are transpiring," Callahan said. "He had great command of that scenario and that situation. He will ask for a suggestion. He has already talked through the scenarios in his own mind. I support him greatly. He made the best decision he could at the time. We are not perfect. Those situations come up. If we knew the answers to the situations, it would be simple. But that’s what makes the game fascinating."

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