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October 27, 2012

Callahan says he has seen a lot of growth in Romo in short time with Cowboys

It hasn’t taken long for new offensive line coach Bill Callahan to be impressed by quarterback Tony Romo.

 “I’ve seen a lot of growth, and I’ve been here only for a very short time,” Callahan said this week at Valley Ranch. “I was thinking about the question before I answered. I was thinking about it. Well, I’ve just seen him for a very short period of time, and he’s really very impressive to me. How this plays out? We’ll see. We’ll take it a step at a time.”

Romo is in his sixth full season as the Cowboys’ starting quarterback. Callahan is in his 12th year of coaching in the NFL, including stops in Philadelphia, where he worked with Randall Cunningham, and Oakland, with Rich Gannon as the quarterback.

Romo has thrown for 1,636 yards, eight touchdowns and nine interceptions this year. Since his five-interception game against Chicago, Romo has been intercepted once in two games.

“I think Tony’s done well in a lot of respects,” Callahan said. “He’s a player that gives us a chance to be in every game and to dominate every game. When I watch him perform, he has so many things at the line of scrimmage, so many things he’s really well versed in, aside from just throwing it. He manages every aspect of the offense whether it’s the check system or the protections, whether it’s to getting us into the right run or changing a pass to a another particular route vs. a coverage that he sees.”

Callahan said it has helped to simplify the offense in the past couple of games.

“Well, we’re always aggressive, we’re always attacking. It’s just a matter of how much we put into the attack,” Callahan said. “We have been a heavy-volume team, but we have simplified. That’s allowed us to execute better.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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I used to write comments on here several years ago requesting Tony Romo to stop playing so much golf because I felt golf was getting in the way of his training to become a better NFL QB. Now Romo has gotten so old and so close to the end of his NFL career that I can now say to him in all candor--"Please, Tony, go play golf! You are now a much better golfer than you are an NFL QB!". In fact, Tony is such a good golfer that if he concentrated 100% on golf he could turn pro and get on the PGA Tour circuit. That's pretty incredible if you think about it. Going from a pretty good NFL QB to a darn good PGA Pro Golfer. He may not ever win a SB, but, Tony still has a chance to win a big PGA Tour Tournament Event title like the US Open or the Arnold Palmer Invitational etc.

Now let's get this straight--I do absolutely want Tony to win a SB, but, with each passing year it's becoming geometrically less likely that he ever will win a SB. Too many distractions from the top and not enough brainpower in the draft room and FA acquisition room.

Tony, the PGA Tour is calling your name. Jimmy, we need a new franchise QB.

There's an old saying about dogs that goes like this: "if they don't bite as a pup, they probably aren't going to bite."

I think its similar to NFL QBs. If they dont 'get it' early on that turning the ball over is a recipe for failure, then they probably wont ever understand it. And Romo, after all this time, has demonstrated that he clearly does NOT understand the importance of making good decisions and protecting the ball.

Tony Romo....is just good enough to lose with.

I guess Callahan's comments on his undying love for Romo was in the job description before HE was hired as offensive line coach...lol.

The operative words here are, "We'll see...". They've always been part of any discussion about Tony Romo, and unfortunately what we've actually seen has been big game meltdowns and repeated proof that he simply will never hold up a Lombardi for Dallas, or for anyone else. By the way, that same comment, "We'll see..." could also apply to our supposed offensive coordinator Bill Callahan who has managed to wear out his welcome everywhere he's ever been.

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