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October 03, 2012

Carr says it is 'not the time to panic' about the Cowboys' slow start as team hits bye week


As the Cowboys head into their bye week, cornerback Brandon Carr said it is too early to overreact to the team’s 2-2 start despite a pair of lopsided losses to Seattle (27-7) and Chicago (34-18) wrapped around a less-than-stellar performance in a 16-10 victory over Tampa Bay.

“It’s not the time to panic,” Carr said after Wednesday’s practice at Valley Ranch. “We’ve got a lot of football left. We’re still fairly new to each other, still trying to find ourselves. But the good thing I can see is we just keep battling.”

Carr, the team’s highest-profile addition via free agency during the off-season, said he is satisfied with the progress made by an injury-riddled defense which expects to regain the services of three starters _ nose tackle Jay Ratliff, linebacker Anthony Spencer and defensive end Kenyon Coleman _ from injuries when the team returns to practice Monday in preparation for an Oct. 13 game at Baltimore.

“We don’t have a lot of mental mistakes this year,” Carr said of the Cowboys’ defense. “Everybody is pretty much on the same page. It’s just we fail to keep our intensity throughout the whole game. We’re still trying to find a solution to that … But (there are) a lot of positives. A lot of guys are still eager to get out there, still have upbeat attitudes and are just willing to go out there and work.”

_ Jimmy Burch


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Ecoveauction....Great post. Though I had to take a break at the halfway point of it to catch my breath...lol. That said...Jimmy is the guy I've been calling for the last few years. In my eyes..there is not ONE legitimate head coach or former head coach in the entire NFL that would come to Valley Ranch to work with Jerry. In my eyes..Jimmy is the only person who could work with Jerry if Jerry does indeed decide..which he won't..to swallow his ego and give Jimmy the call. Jimmy would be the guy for Jerry to call after this season when they fail as usual to not make the playoffs. Once Jerry fires Garrett. He can call Jimmy to come in and take the GM title and hire HIS head coach. Then Jimmy can work a trade of Romo or just flat release him if there are no takers. We need a new GM..head coach..and of course..another quarterback.

Now is not the time to panic?!! When, then, do you suggest we should start panicking genius? JJ spent over $30 million on 2 additions to our OL that up to now couldn't block my 120 lb sister from getting to Romo! $30 million for that?!! You mean to tell me that the FA talent pool was that thin this past summer that Scarecrow Jones couldn't find a couple of meaner, bigger, quicker, smarter O- linemen on the cheap other than these two imposters he dropped on us fed-up Cowboy fans?

Jones has done it so many times before--found the rotten apples nobody else wants in a barrel of gold--that I believe like most everyone else that the past 16 years of lousy Cowboys football is all his fault. Let's see now--JJ went out and dropped Shante Carver on us, he gave us David LaFleur (what a great pickup that bum was!), Quincy Carter, Jacob Rogers, Boobie Carpenter, James Marten, Stephen Peterman, David Arkin, Robert Brewster, Phil Costa, and on and on etc...

This was why JJ ran Jimmy out of Dallas, so he could select the draft picks and get credit for discovering their “eventual” greatness. After all, any one of 500 coaches could pick Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith, Larry Allen, Erik Williams, Mark Stepnoski, Nate Newton, Tony Tolbert, Tony Casillas, Mark Tuinei, Daryl Johnston, Ken Norton Jr., Darren Woodson, etc... Make no mistake, except for Irvin, Newton, Norton, and Tuinei, Jimmy Johnson selected all the above brilliant NFL players. No matter how much blustering JJ does in saying he picked them instead, we know the truth.

It is evident and crystal clear who the mastermind of this debacle of an NFL team these 2012 Cowboys are. Heck, JJ doesn’t even let his HC pick their own assistant coaches and coordinators. JJ hired Ryan as D-Coordinator without any input from Garrett. However, I do like the Ryan hiring, just like I liked the D-Ware, Witten, Murray, Lee, etc. picks.

But, for every good pick JJ lucks into he finds 3-7 duds that have to be released right away or the next year. And how long will a real football guy like Ryan let JJ select defensive draft picks over Ryan’s objections or disregarded requests to make the picks? Not long I’ll tell you. Ryan is another Jimster. He’ll put up with some pushing around for a few years. Then he’ll bolt without explanation to greener and saner football pastures. After all, it comes down to this—who knows more about how to select the best defensive draft picks? JJ or Ryan? I’m bettin’ my house it’s Ryan.

And that’s the rub right there. Ryan will never get to pick his own players either through the draft or on the FA market as long as JJ is GM. I give Ryan 1-2 more years at the most before Oakland comes calling on him to be their HC. He’s a perfect fit for da’ Raidaasss!! He has the perfect combo of football smarts and attitude to fit in with the Raiders.

In Cowboy-land it’s shut up and make the dinner with the groceries I bought ya at the dollar store. I overpaid for these groceries, but, trust me, they’ll make a great dinner! No! You can’t throw my groceries in the trash and go to Whole Foods Market to get your own groceries.

When is Jones going to finally realize that he is not a good GM?!! The JJ the GM will never get it that you have to let your HC hire his own staff. JJ the GM will never understand that he has to let his HC and the HC’s staff draft players and hire FA players. The only people an NFL Owner should hire is the HC and the GM. No one else! If those two hires bring football glory, then that is the rightful pathway that that glory should travel on its way up to the Owner.

JJ has sidestepped traditional NFL Owner limitations which blinds him to his bad GM performance. He either refused to see his bad GM performance or he really cannot see it. Either way, like a drug addict he can’t see what his GM addiction is doing to his (and our) beloved Cowboys. He already rightfully knows that he is a great Owner.

A good Owner creates the contracts of the players and coaches his HC brings in. Isn’t that enough responsibility for JJ? It’s arguably a bigger responsibility than drafting players and hiring FA players. Why can’t the Owner in him see that the GM in him needs to be fired and replaced with a real football guy? A football guru. A football wizard.

JJ doesn’t need a financial wizard or a contract wizard or a marketing wizard or an acting wizard or an entrepreneur wizard, etc…Those are all rolled up into one in JJ. As for a real GM, there already is one football guru waiting in the wings to take that GM burden off JJ so JJ can concentrate on more important things—like guiding the financial juggernaut that is the Dallas Cowboys.

Jimmy is just waiting patiently to be our GM if JJ’s ego will let him. Jimmy will bring instant credibility to the Cowboys again that they haven’t had since 1994. Jimmy will raise the value of the Dallas Cowboys another billion or so dollars 5 minutes after he steps off the plane and into the Dallas Cowboys GM office. Isn’t that extra billion dollars for 5 minutes work and a little ego swallowing worth it JJ? Isn’t getting back to winning Super Bowls worth it too? Doesn’t all this losing and embarrassing football play hurt JJ’s ego enough to make him realize that it’s finally time to bring the Jimster back in as GM?

When will the GM JJ embarrass the Owner JJ enough and for enough years to where the Owner JJ fires the GM JJ? Isn’t being a great Owner in the NFL enough for JJ? It is for Kraft, Mara, Rooney II, etc… They hire their HCs and GMs and therefore get direct credit for the glory their teams generate. Is that enough glory for you too JJ?

Right now, forget “Glory”, our Cowboys are in the drink.

Panic? Of course not. No need to panic. If this team wins 6 games this year it will be an overachievement. 8 wins would be an absolute miracle. I'm not panicked -- another 15 years with no hope is no reason to panic.

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