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October 14, 2012

Cowboys couldn't get everyone back to line in time to run another play, Romo says

Tony Romo said the Cowboys wanted to run another play to get Dan Bailey closer for a game-winning field goal try but couldn’t get everyone back to the line of scrimmage.

“It took a long time to get us in the formation for the play we wanted to get into,” he said. “Once it got below a certain point, it was not in our best interest to run another play.”

The Cowboys settled for a 51-yard try from Dan Bailey that went left, their final play in a 31-29 loss to the Ravens.

Romo said it took too long for everyone to return to the line of scrimmage after a 1-yard completion to Dez Bryant to the 34. The clock was running at 26 seconds, and the Cowboys had one time out.

“The receivers had to come across the field, one of them, and guys were hustling and running hard,” he said. “Sometimes you get up quick and move – boom. … But those extra six or seven seconds are what made the difference to either run another play or not. At that point, it was just too risky. You can complete a pass with six, seven seconds, but if a guy all of sudden breaks a tackle and starts running, you know, you don’t have a chance to call a timeout, all of a sudden.

“You just can’t risk it at that point, especially when you’re in field-goal range already.”

Romo decided not to clock the ball, also, because he didn’t have everyone at the line.

“Either way, you have to have everyone come back to your side of the deal,” he said. “That might have saved us a couple, but at that point we would have been under 10 and you don’t want to risk it, probably.”

Is 10 seconds the cutoff?

“It changes with if you have a timeout, if you don’t,” Romo said. “We talk all the time about the exact amount of time we have. There are certain ones we definitely look to, and we dropped below that once we couldn’t get in position to run that play. So at that point then, it was in our best interest not to run it.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Poor game management by Jason Garrett.
This game is on the head coach. Players are out of control committing penalties and Jason Garrett doesn't have what it takes to fix this. And when the game is on the line, Jason Garrett cannot function as a head coach. Nobody should have any confidence in him. See the Patriots game, Cardinals game and now this one.

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