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October 11, 2012

Cowboys guard Nate Livings said offensive line has to get it right against the Ravens Sunday

Guard Nate Livings came to Dallas in the offseason after four years in Cincinnati. So he is quite familiar with facing the Ravens defense and Pro Bowl linebacker Ray Lewis and nose tackle Haloti Ngata.

Livings said the Cowboys offensive line has to be on point this week because they are two of the best.

But he said that would be the case no matter who the Cowboys played because of how poorly the line has performed this season. The Cowboys rank 29th in rushing and 30th in scoring largely because of breakdowns up front.

The entire line has been focused on getting better and becoming a unit the Cowboys can count on, rather than a weak link.  

“It’s definitely a sense of urgency,” Livings said. “The offense goes as we go. It ain’t no secret. We understand. We have to get it right.”

Livings said he is not frustrated with the line’s performance because he has been in a lot worse situations and on a lot worse units.

He said the line was setback because of the injuries in the offseason and training camp that saw him, guard Mackenzy Bernadeau and center Phil Costa miss time in the preseason.

“I feel like we are on the right path,” Livings said. “It just takes time. You can’t go in week one and expect all the new faces to be balls to the wall on point.”

Livings said the Cowboys should be helped by the return of Costa to the lineup Sunday against the Baltimore. He has been out since the season opener with a back injury. Thought Ryan Cook as done an admirable job in his absence, things should be much cleaner with Costa back on the field.

“I feel we got two good centers,” Livings said. “Phil has been here a little longer. He is a little more detailed.”

That detail and communication will be key Sunday because the Ravens like to blitz Lewis and the other linebackers in addition to the pressure up front from Ngata, who mean be the league’s best interior defensive lineman.

“He can beat you with speed and power,” Livings said of Ngata. “Some guys are all power or all feet. He is talented. I saw him against (the Chiefs last Sunday), a guy went to cut him and hopped over him like it was easy and he is 340 pounds. I saw another player where he smashed a guy. I’m like wow. He is talented.”

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