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October 28, 2012

Cowboys pass on the chance to run on second-and-1, third-and-1 and fourth-and-1

Monday Morning Quarterbacks will question Jason Garrett's decision to call three straight passing plays after reaching the New York 19-yard line in the final two minutes after gaining 9 yards on a pass to Jason Witten on first down. Two of those passes were incomplete, and the third was intercepted with 1:03 left.

But Cowboys owner Jerry Jones isn't one of those questioning Garrett's play calling.

"You can if you want to second-guess that," Jones said. "But by the same token, that [passing] was what was really moving the ball. We were getting it with Witten, and when they came in there and tried to cut that off, then we could go outside with it. That had every chance to work down there with second-and-a-yard. You look back on it, but what’d we rush for? So we know that short yardage wasn’t any given against these guys."

The Cowboys had 19 rushing yards on 17 carries. Felix Jones, who missed some practice time last week with a bruised knee, had 19 yards, a touchdown and a lost fumble on 13 carries. Phillip Tanner had two carries for no yards. Tony Romo also had two rushes.

“We threw it throughout the ball game on different situations whether it was second or third-and-short and converted first downs,” Garrett said. “They did a really job defending the run. They were committed to stopping the run throughout the game against all personnel and formations that we were in. They had a lot of guys in there. That’s why we had to throw the ball consistently throughout the ball game.”

-- Charean Williams

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Garrett still employed at Valley Ranch?

Garrett has to go. It's that simple. He's not inspiring that team. He never could.

And Jerry wonders why most fans are calling for Garrett's head. Jerry is an 'idiot'. Jerry has just what he wants in Garrett as a head coach...a puppet. You media types in the DFW area can't continue to cover for Garrett anymore. Jerry won't make a change there unless the DFW media demands a change at head coach.

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