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October 28, 2012

Cowboys react to touchdown that wasn't as a loss turns into a win turns into a loss

The Cowboys briefly thought they had the comeback of all comebacks, the miracle of all miracles. When Dez Bryant hit in the end zone, and officials signaled a touchdown with 10 seconds left, the Cowboys celebrated what would have been the greatest comeback in team history.

"Initially very much," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said when asked if he thought it was a touchdown. "How much of that was want to be I don’t know. Then, when the replay came, I knew we had a problem. We had seen it before they even started working on it upstairs. We knew it wasn’t for sure."

Referee Scott Green went under the hood to look at the replay. It didn't take him long to see that Bryant's fingertips touched out of bounds, as he was trying to brace his fall, before his body hit the ground in the end zone. It proved once again that football is a game of inches.

"When Dez caught that ball in the end zone, I’m like, 'You know, this right here is the turnaround that we need, the turnaround that we need right at the end of the game, hard-fought game and being able to pull it out,'" Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware said. "But the thing is, it didn’t happen. So guess what? Now, it’s adverse times to where it’s like OK, well then, how are you going to get better from this? You’ve got to get better from this. I’ve playing on this team for eight years now. You can’t let things happen like that early in the game. We’ve got to always start the game off consistent and play well."

Instead of a 37-yard touchdown, the Cowboys had third-and-six from the Giants 37 with 10 seconds left. They got 10 yards closer before Tony Romo's final, desperation pass flew out of the back of the end zone.

"That’s difficult when you think you’ve won the game," Romo said. "And they obviously reversed the call. That’s tough, because a lot of the emotion comes out when you get back in that position and you think you have it and it gets taken away. It’s kind of a rollercoster.”

-- Charean Williams

Twitter: @NFLCharean


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Because of all the criticism leveled at Doug Free and Lawrence Vickers,and rightfully so, I believe Free and Vickers are also great candidates for a benching to send a message to this team. You cannot have mediocre play from two such critical positions in such a crucial game AT HOME no less.

Romo bungled this game because he passed on 2nd & 1, 3rd & 1, and 4th & 1 with a little over a minute to go in the 4th quarter down by 5 points. As millions of fans have already said--why not run it at least on 2nd and 3rd downs? It didn't make sense. Even if Garrett called the three pass plays in a row with only 1 yard needed for the 1st down, Romo should have grown a pair and rejected Garretts plays and ran for it. Heck, even Romo sneaking it for 1 yard 2 or 3 times in a row would have been better than what happened down there that late in the game!

As a final point about this lost opportunity of a game against ugly blue--Garrett might even need to be demoted and Ryan promoted to HC. As it sits now, this team's status quo has been kept. Everyone is comfy in their little mediocre 3-4 shell. No message has been sent to these players, or coaching staff for that matter because the same mistakes and clock mismanagement continues to happen over and over again. If you don't shock a mental patient he'll keep repeating his nutty or insane behavior. What do you think the Falcons are gonna do to this easy-going, kumbaya singing, happy to be here 'Boyz team?!! Crush them? Do ya think?!!

And even if this 'boyz team somehow rises up to beat the Dirty Birds, what's to keep this 'Boyz team from slacking off again the week after against the crumbling puke-green Beagles? As they are organized now, so anti-Jimmyesque, they will continue to play good one week and bad the next. If they are capable of beating the best teams in the NFL, why aren't they doing it every week? You guessed it--because no message has been sent and this team hasn't been shocked out of the comfy cocoon it finds itself in. Jimmy would have torn that cocoon open and made these players play mistake free and fast and furious! Nuff said!!

I know alot of fans, media and players are thinking it, but, whether it will get done is, with idiots running this asylum, a great big "NO!".

Simply: A message of massive porportions needs to be sent to the Cowboys players. What is the only message that absolutely NEEDS to be sent? Simply: Sit Romo this next game and put Orton in there at starting QB.

Why such a devastating move?!!! Answer: SOMETHING DRASTIC NEEDS TO BE DONE TO WAKE THIS TEAM UP FROM IT'S SLUMBER, and it's bumbling, error-prone ways.

The most powerful message that could be sent right now is sitting Romo the next game. Romo needs to be calmed down and he needs to be shocked into a maturity that has yet to, for whatever reason, occur for him. And if such a shock were to have no effect on Romo, Romo then needs to be jettisoned or demoted to backup QB.

You shock a pool to restore it to cleanliness and clarity so you can swim safely without fear of getting sick from germs, etc... You shock a stopped heart to get it beating again to save a life. You shock a lion with an electric cattle prod to get it to release it's trainer and save a life. You electrify cage bars to keep a 500lb monster from breaking out and destroying innocent people--see the 1956 horror classic movie "The Creature Walks Among Us".

This 'Boyz team needs a severe shock to get it's collective heart started again, to keep it from devouring it's future, to keep it from killing it's trainers, and to keep it from rampaging through a village named "Cowboy Nation" with another lost season and a spear to our collective hearts.

You only have to sit Romo for one game, maybe two if Orton plays well. After the next one-two games, and only then, maybe a different Romo will strut up under center with a new-found fire in his eyes and the sophmoric mistakes cleansed from his system.

It worked for Terry Bradshaw--Bradshaw, benched for the first six games of the 1974 season, was finally put back into the starting quarterback slot by coach Chuck Noll. This gesture of confidence finally turned things around permanently. Bradshaw went on to the glory of 4 SB triumphs.

The only difference between Romo now vs. Bradshaw in 1974 are the coaches involved. Chuck Noll had cojones. Noll was a true leader and commanded respect from his players, coaches and fans. Garrett has yet to reach that level.

Does Garrett have the courage to bench Romo for the betterment of the team? If he does, he probably would not be able to do it because of who our owner is--a fame hound, a power mad nut. And that's the problem right there. No coach is ever going to be able to do courageous things to shock this team while Jerry Jones is the Owner/GM. So get used to mediocrity for however much longer Jones owns the 'Boyz. Possibly for the rest or your entire life? I'm afraid so.

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