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October 11, 2012

Callahan says Cowboys thinking of ways to lighten Romo's load pre-snap

Offensive line coach/offensive coordinator Bill Callahan said the Cowboys have talked about simplifying what Tony Romo has to do before the snap.

“As a staff, we talked about just lightening his load and trying to do things that are simple and giving him more peace of mind that he can just come up and call a play and run it,” Callahan said. “That simplification will help all of us, and we’ll see.”

Callahan said part of the reason is the road environment the Cowboys will face Sunday at Baltimore.

“When you’re trying to get everybody together and steady everybody and get more consistency and better execution, sometimes the answer is try to pull back a little bit so that you can do a little bit better,” Callahan said. “Less is better in our minds. We’re trying to get to that point, but we’re not taking things away from Tony and what he does best because he has great command of the system.”

Tony Romo brushed aside a question about whether mistakes happen because he is trying to do too much.

“We’re not here to talk about negative stuff,” he said. “At the end of the day, it’s about winning football games, and we’ve just got to do the things that allow us and give us a chance to win football games, and we’re doing some things to correct that.’’

Callahan said Romo understands defenses as well as any player, but it’s a good idea to reduce the amount of pre-snap work.

“A lot of teams across the league – and we’re one of them, this is no secret – come up to the line of scrimmage and you have a series of plays,” Callahan said. “You may have a check-with-me system on, you may have a kill system on, you may be doing a lot with your quarterback from run to pass, pass to run or pass to pass, for that matter. So what you want to be able to do is limit a little bit of that because it can get out of hand sometimes. Not that it has. But it just allows the quarterback to function a little bit freer.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Why is our offensive line coach making statements about Romo and this offense when it should be Jerry or Garrett? By the way..where is Jerry? This is his territory. Seems to me someone at Valley Ranch is throwing Callahan under the bus by having him tell us they are making the offense more simple for Romo. This is getting more ridiculous up there by the week. Ten years in the league for Romo and they are making the offense simple for him..now? And some still want Jerry to resign him. I am...LMAO..!!!

Wow that is real nice of you Bill to help make things easier on Tony. Probably and this is just me brain storming here what would really be helpful if you can find it in your heart to DO YOUR JOB!!! Get the line to block ANYONE. They can't run and they can't pass protect and you are gonna help simplify the game for Tony. It is already simple, if you have a coach that gives up on the run after 10 carries and an O-line that is a disgrace, Tony will have to try to carry the team on every play. Sometimes he can and some times he can't hence 2-2. He is a one man show right now, so anytime someone else wants to suit up and give him a hand that would be just swell.

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