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October 24, 2012

Does absence of Lee and Murray have Jerry Jones tempering his hopes for Cowboys? You be the judge

A week ago, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones declared his team a viable Super Bowl title contender. And that was when they were 2-3 and before a sloppy 19-14 victory against the Carolina Panthers.

The devastating loss of linebacker Sean Lee for the season with a sprained toe and the continued absence of running back DeMarco Murray, who is out indefinitely with a sprained foot, has Jones singing a more pessimistic tune heading into Sunday's showdown with the NFC East-leading and defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants (5-2).

"Against this team, regarded by many and arguably the best team in the NFL, we wanted all hands on deck," Jones said. "It is disappointing not to have two players of that caliber.  I’ve said all along I think this team has an opportunity to be a contender but the one exception that I made was … sitting as we’re sitting right now health wise, injury can make a difference and does in the NFL. It’s been my experience when you do have a situation like this, others will step up. Others on the field at different positions will compensate."

At least he hopes but he appears no longer as definitive or confident about a Super Bowl run.

 Clarence Hill


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Yup Lenny, JJ has always deflected blame for the past 16 years of Cowboys failures. But when they won (see the 1990's) there JJ was on camera wild-eyed and hootin' and hollerin' and grabbing the Lombardi Trophy violently out Jimmy's and Barry's hands. There JJ was preening in front of the TV camera's in front of the world taking all the credit for putting the team and coaching together and even going so far as to boast that he basically told 'em what to do behind closed doors in his "Come-To-Jesus" meetings with them. What?!!! Jimmy listening to the ramblings of a much lesser football intellect? I don't think so.

And when the Cowboys failed miserably (see 1996 on), there JJ was casting blame around to everyone but himself. Firing coaches that he hired, letting failed FA's go, babbling in circular nonsensical gibberish in a language that only JJ know's about how he's got the formula for winning next year by gosh!

Don't think the players don't see it or haven't seen it. They do see it and have seen it all before. It's why they play good one game against a supeior opponent and then play bad the next week against a lousy team. It's why they can go 13-3 and lose in the playoffs.

There are warriors who stick it out as the ship sinks while the other player rats scurry to the lifeboats. There are warriors who will not quit even as they see the Captain rat running for the lifeboats. They will go down with the ship--Dware, Witten, Ratliff, Spencer, Lee, Murray, Austin, and Romo. Unfortunately, it takes more than 8 great players to win a SB in the NFL, and when the other 45 are not quite as strong-willed as the Super 8 mentioned above, and they see the above 2 sides of Jerry, they kinda quit a little bit inside and don't have the complete 100% desire to win every game. Would you if you knew you were replaceable in bad times and invisible in good times?

who didn't see this coming? Here is a comment that I posted at the end of another story on this website:

Man, this is a severe blow. And it comes with even greater, underlying implications.....Hear me out, gang. An injury like this to Sean Lee is so devastating that at the end of the year when Dallas sits at 7-9, Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett will point at this injury as a big reason for the team's failures. So, basically, this is going to be their "get out of jail free" card. Mark my words. I know these people like I know the back of my hand. They won't point at lack of depth because of poor drafts and poor free agent signings, they will zero in on the injury to Sean Lee and how it left the team in terrible shape.

If we lose Sunday to fall two and a half games behind the Giants. Jerry and crew should throw in the towel to the rest of the season and try and get a top five pick next year. Trade Romo to Kansas City and go get our next franchise quarterback in the draft next year. That would be the business thing to do. Sheriff Goodell would not mind Jerry throwing in the towel. Goodell allowed the Colts to do it last year so they could draft Andrew Luck.

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